Zoom Levels - Easy Checks

What is Zoom?

Zoom is used to enlarge the text and images on web pages to make them more readable. In most browsers the ‘Ctrl’ or ‘Cmd’ with ‘+’ will increase zoom. ‘Ctrl’ or ‘Cmd’ with ‘-‘ will reduce zoom and ‘Ctrl’ or ‘Cmd’ with ‘0’ will reset it.

Example of an unzoomed webpage Example of an zoomed webpage

Why is Zoom important?

Zoom is used to magnify text and other elements so it becomes readable for people with low vision.

Some people just need to enlarge the text a little if they forgot their reading glasses. Others need to enlarge it a lot, for example up to 200% or even larger.

Checking Zoom

Checking this page

This is just for practice. Also, you can see what the check will look like on an accessible page.

Checking other pages

The same process will work on other pages. However, if the page hasn’t been coded with accessibility in mind, the content may become unusable.

What to look for

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