Captions - Easy Checks

What are Captions?

Screenshot of video player with captions switched on

Captions are called “subtitles” in some locations.

Captions are a text version of the speech and other sounds needed to understand the content. They are displayed within the media player and are synchronized with the audio.

Most are “closed captions” that can be hidden or shown by people watching the video. They can be “open captions” that are always displayed and cannot be turned off.

Why are Captions important?

Captions provide a text version on the screen of the dialogue and other sounds for people who can’t hear, or have difficulty hearing, the audio in a video.

Captions also assist some people with learning disabilities or with difficulty concentrating to follow the video.

Checking Captions

Check captions are available

Find out why automatically-generated captions do not meet user needs or accessibility requirements.

Check caption quality

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