Evaluation Tools Overview

Web accessibility evaluation tools are software programs or online services that help determine if web content meets accessibility standards.

Alternatives for Evaluation Tools Overview Video

Web Accessibility Evaluation Tools List
Includes information on more than 100 tools. You can use the filters to narrow down the list to the types of tools you are interested in.
Selecting Web Accessibility Evaluation Tools
Provides guidance on choosing tools. It describes the features and functionality of different types of evaluation tools, and discusses things to consider for your situation.

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Alternatives for Evaluation Tools Overview Video

This video is also available on a W3C server: Video: Evaluation Tools Overview (file format: MP4, file size: 51MB).

Text Transcript with Description of Visuals for Selecting and Using Tools

The videos have basic animation that illustrates what is said by an off-screen voice. People are represented by icon figures.

Audio Visual
Tools for evaluating web accessibility Tools for evaluating web accessibility.
There are software programs and online services to help you identify accessibility barriers. A tool box by a computer opens. A magnifying glass with the word accessibility comes out to inspect a website on the computer.
They can save you lots of time and effort on evaluation, and can help you avoid creating new accessibility barriers. Save time and effort. Avoid accessibility barriers.
However, tools can't do it all. Some accessibility checks just cannot be automated and require manual intervention. A person next to a computer with a website uses a magnifying glass with the word accessibility.
Some tools guide you through the checks that cannot be automated. A list of checks next to the computer.
Some tools check one page at a time, while others can scan entire websites. A web page and a web site are being scanned fails, passes and interrogations marks are shown.
Tools can be integrated into different work environments. For example, into your web browser, content management system (C-M-S), and your development and deployment tools. Web browser, CMS and deployment around a tools icon displayed in a computer.
They support different roles in a project team, such as content authors, code developers, designers, and product owners. The tools icon is surrounded with icons: pen; coding; paintbrush and person with a key.
Note that in some cases tools can provide inaccurate results. A magnifying glass with a triangular exclamation mark sign.Multiple magnifying glasses are displayed.
So avoid relying too much on what tools say over addressing the real-life experience of website users. The screen splits into 12 different people in front of a computer.
"Selecting Web Accessibility Evaluation Tools" explains what tools can and cannot do, and what to look for in tools that meet your needs. Selecting Web Accessibility Evaluation Tools. A toolbox icon comes in followed by a signpost and a binoculars icon.
The list of web accessibility evaluation tools has filters to help you find the right tool for your particular situation. A list of documents with the word tool scroll down and to a filter icon, only two documents come out.
Equipped with tools and knowledge on how to use them, you are in good shape to find accessibility barriers more efficiently. A person with a tools and light bulb icons. The two icons merge together to form a magnifying glass with the word barriers.
Web accessibility: essential for some, useful for all. Icons around a computer: hand; eye; brain; ear; and mouth with sound waves.
For information on tools for evaluating web accessibility, visit w3.o-r-g/W-A-I/evaluation. Evaluation tools, W3C and Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) logos.
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