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There are 174 open and raised issues listed in the system.

ID State Title Raised on Product Open Actions
ISSUE-2013 (edit)
OPEN Percentages in clipPath/pattern/filter/mask unintuitive 2008-06-26 SVG 2 1
ISSUE-2021 (edit)
OPEN Bounding box of <image> subject to aspect-ratio preservation undefined 2008-07-18 SVG 2 1
ISSUE-2024 (edit)
SVG in Image
OPEN Elements for which "defer" can be used in preserveAspectRatio="" 2008-07-29 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2028 (edit)
OPEN Does additive also mean interpolable for animations? 2008-08-21 SVG 2 1
ISSUE-2071 (edit)
filter security
OPEN potential security hole involving pointer-events, filters, foreignObject, cross-origin IFRAMEs, and elementFromPoint 2008-09-25 SVG 2 1
ISSUE-2192 (edit)
OPEN Consider allowing script to implement certain objects 2008-12-15 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2205 (edit)
OPEN Consider adding support for stretched, wrapped text in a <textArea> 2009-01-27 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2213 (edit)
OPEN Some issues in the definition of suspendRedraw/unsuspendRedraw/forceRedraw 2009-02-05 SVG 2 1
ISSUE-2278 (edit) OPEN At a later date new operators such as min/max, conditionals, new constants, division by length units etc. may be added. 2009-06-09 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2022 (edit)
PENDING REVIEW The activation behaviour of <a> elements should be defined 2008-07-25 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2002 (edit) RAISED Controlling the implicit viewBox of raster images used in the <image> element 2008-05-15 SVG 2 1
ISSUE-2015 (edit)
SVG Duration
RAISED Should the svg element provide a duration element? 2008-07-10 SVG 2 1
ISSUE-2031 (edit)
RAISED Focus change event when elements are removed from the rendering tree 2008-08-21 SVG 2 1
ISSUE-2033 (edit)
RAISED Require DOM hasFeature with svg featurestrings (like in SVG 1.1) 2008-08-21 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2034 (edit)
Paced animation: Section 7
RAISED Paced animation: Interpretation of some given formulas missing 2008-08-22 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2035 (edit)
Paced animation: Section 1
RAISED Paced animation: Unnecessary assertion 2008-08-22 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2036 (edit)
Paced animation: Section 2
RAISED Paced animation: Inconsistencies 2008-08-22 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2038 (edit)
RAISED Description of conditional processing attributes inconsistent 2008-08-23 SVG 2 1
ISSUE-2040 (edit)
image fallback
RAISED Consider adding placeholders or fallback for unresolved resources 2008-08-24 SVG 2 1
ISSUE-2041 (edit)
RAISED Revisit and define how whitespaces are consumed in textArea 2008-08-24 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2042 (edit)
XLink-less Linking
RAISED Consider adding adding non-NS linking syntax 2008-08-27 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2043 (edit)
References in spec
RAISED Make all references to TRs use dated URLs 2008-08-27 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2044 (edit)
RAISED Consider improving the SVG DOM interfaces for attribute access 2008-08-28 SVG 2 1
ISSUE-2047 (edit)
RAISED Using author-defined named colors where <color> can be specified 2008-09-08 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2048 (edit)
microformats attributes
RAISED Consider adding certain HTML attributes used in microformats 2008-09-08 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2049 (edit)
stylesheet link
RAISED Consider adding an href to the style element to link to external stylesheets 2008-09-10 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2050 (edit)
path subelements
RAISED Consider additional path syntax 2008-09-13 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2054 (edit)
foreignObject w/h
RAISED Consider removing the requirement for @width and @height for <foreignObject> 2008-09-17 SVG 2 1
ISSUE-2063 (edit)
save state
RAISED Consider adding API for saving and restoring SVG state 2008-09-20 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2067 (edit)
parameter keywords
RAISED Consider adding parameter keyword access without script 2008-09-23 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2069 (edit)
RAISED Consider treating audio separately to graphics 2008-09-24 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2086 (edit)
RAISED Where to find baseline info rfor arbitrary Unicode characters 2008-10-02 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2096 (edit)
RAISED Define foreignObject behavior for referenced content 2008-10-09 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2114 (edit)
RAISED 'title' and 'desc' elements in SVG 1.2T 2008-10-11 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2124 (edit)
external refs imp-notes
RAISED Notes on implementing non-local URI references and resource documents 2008-10-13 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2154 (edit)
inline attribute-element lists
RAISED Include attribute list inline in element definitions, and element list inline in attribute definitions 2008-10-15 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2155 (edit)
RAISED Add the 'speed' attribute to time containers, to control fast forward and reverse 2008-10-15 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2156 (edit)
schema-based featurestrings
RAISED Autogenerate feature strings based on schema 2008-10-16 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2157 (edit)
paced interpretation of polys
RAISED Paced interpolation of polygons 2008-10-17 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2170 (edit)
display-align redux
RAISED Work with CSS WG on property like "display-align" 2008-10-31 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2172 (edit)
RAISED Use CSS 'white-space' instead of 'xml:space' 2008-11-02 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2173 (edit)
scripting architecture
RAISED SVG Scripting Architecture 2008-11-02 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2174 (edit)
uDOM for SVG framents
RAISED uDOM with SVG 1.2 fragments embedded 2008-11-02 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2175 (edit)
tb-rl, tb-lr
RAISED Revisit vertical text for tb-rl, tb-lr 2008-11-02 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2176 (edit)
evt vs event
RAISED evt vs event Redux 2008-11-04 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2178 (edit)
authoring semantics
RAISED Add note that authoring tools should create and preserve native semantics 2008-11-12 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2180 (edit)
RAISED Examine CSS Properties for Integration into SVG 2008-11-17 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2182 (edit)
new evt x/y
RAISED Consider adding new interface for easier use of positional properties 2008-11-17 SVG 2 1
ISSUE-2183 (edit)
expanded featurestings
RAISED Consider adding feature strings for each element 2008-11-17 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2187 (edit)
RAISED Properties shouldn't have different possible initial values 2008-11-24 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2190 (edit)
principles overview
RAISED Add overview of general principles of SVG 2008-12-01 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2191 (edit)
stroke-dasharray distance
RAISED Clarify stroke-dasharray distance measurement 2008-12-11 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2195 (edit)
unified list syntax
RAISED Create unified list syntax that allows commas or whitespace 2009-01-05 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2202 (edit)
replace zoomAndPan
RAISED Discuss replacing zoomAndPan with individual attributes 2009-01-15 SVG 2 1
ISSUE-2204 (edit)
RAISED Improve DOM Interfaces for SMIL Values 2009-01-26 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2208 (edit)
RAISED Consider allowing rotations to be relative to their bounding box center 2009-01-30 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2217 (edit)
RAISED How units are resolved on an SVGLength is not defined 2009-02-06 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2218 (edit)
RAISED Consider adding method to return array of declarative timeline 2009-02-09 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2219 (edit)
RAISED Missing test coverage for SVG 1.1 properties 2009-02-09 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2221 (edit)
RAISED Missing test coverage for SVG 1.1 attributes 2009-02-10 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2222 (edit)
RAISED Missing test coverage for SVG 1.1 elements 2009-02-10 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2224 (edit)
RAISED CSS3 Color syntax in svg 2009-02-12 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2230 (edit)
RAISED Consider allowing async/defer on <svg:script> 2009-03-11 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2237 (edit)
RAISED Align with CSS WG preserveAspectRatio 2009-03-18 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2238 (edit)
RAISED Add @allowReorder to <switch> 2009-03-19 SVG 2 1
ISSUE-2239 (edit)
RAISED Add HTML5 script-element attributes to SVG's script element 2009-03-19 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2240 (edit)
RAISED Add HTML5 style-element attributes to SVG's style element 2009-03-19 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2252 (edit)
RAISED Consider adding transform="" to <svg> 2009-03-27 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2254 (edit)
RAISED Consider changing which elements have load dispatched to them 2009-03-30 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2263 (edit)
RAISED The attributes on the SVGViewSpec interface are underspecified 2009-04-14 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2269 (edit)
remove <cursor>
RAISED Consider deprecating the <cursor> element 2009-05-02 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2270 (edit)
RAISED Define rendering of patterns with overflow=visible 2009-05-12 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2271 (edit)
variable stroke width
RAISED Add mechanism for variable stroke width (as in calligraphy) 2009-05-16 SVG 2 1
ISSUE-2272 (edit)
RAISED Add new basic element for stars and regular polygons 2009-05-16 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2274 (edit)
RAISED Consider adding drag and drop functionality 2009-06-01 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2275 (edit)
RAISED Define processing for @type in script elements 2009-06-02 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2276 (edit)
RAISED Consider defining how to set character encoding for external scripts 2009-06-08 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2279 (edit)
animateTransform matrix-decomposition
RAISED animateTransform with matrix-decomposed like CSS 2009-06-10 SVG 2 1
ISSUE-2280 (edit)
RAISED Unclear which element collapsed whitespace belongs to 2009-06-12 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2281 (edit)
animation pace
RAISED Look at making paced animations easier 2009-06-14 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2282 (edit)
path points
RAISED Consider adding new path syntax for points on path 2009-06-17 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2283 (edit)
RAISED Make it possible to get the bounding box of an element in a particular coordinate system 2009-06-19 SVG 2 1
ISSUE-2288 (edit)
RAISED Consider adding rotate and move-forward path commands 2009-07-01 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2289 (edit)
RAISED Consider adding a way of specifying flip-invariant text 2009-07-07 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2290 (edit) RAISED Look at making path arcto command work with drawing 360 degree arcs 2009-07-15 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2291 (edit) RAISED Whether a given integer coordinate is pixel centre or pixel top-left needs to be determined 2009-08-12 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2292 (edit)
RAISED Consider relaxing case sensitivity of presentation attribute values 2009-08-17 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2293 (edit)
RAISED Should be possible to determine intrinsic size of an image 2009-08-27 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2294 (edit) RAISED Adding an animated length attribute into a baseval length list 2009-09-23 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2295 (edit)
<use> external root
RAISED Allow referencing root external files with <use> 2009-09-26 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2296 (edit)
RAISED Consider adding convenience methods for currentScale/currentTranslate 2009-09-29 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2299 (edit)
RAISED Text on a path layout rules unclear wrt startpoint-on-the-path and text-anchor 2009-10-20 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2300 (edit) RAISED Align with CSS Value and Units 2009-11-19 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2301 (edit) RAISED Text on a path layout rules unclear wrt startpoint-on-the-path and text-anchor (svg2) 2009-11-23 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2302 (edit)
Object transforms effect on Gradients
RAISED How gradients are transformed by an object transform is unclear 2010-01-28 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2304 (edit)
refactor symbol, marker, etc
RAISED Refactor and simplify various viewport-creating elements 2010-02-04 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2305 (edit) RAISED Zero-length dashes with dasharray 2010-02-15 SVG 2 1
ISSUE-2306 (edit)
RAISED SMIL calcMode="linear" and animation of integers is underspecified 2010-02-18 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2307 (edit) RAISED SMIL calcMode="paced" and animation of viewBox is underspecified 2010-02-18 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2308 (edit) RAISED "by" animation is underspecified for SMIL animation of the viewBox attribute 2010-02-18 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2310 (edit) RAISED Clarify how percentages are resolved in external patterns 2010-03-01 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2311 (edit)
anchor events
RAISED Anchor events (anchorActivated, anchorTargeted) 2010-03-06 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2312 (edit)
parse URI API
RAISED add interface for parsing out URL strings into constituent parts (including parameters)? 2010-03-06 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2313 (edit) RAISED Gzip-compressed svg in data URIs 2010-03-18 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2315 (edit)
RAISED Define <shapePath> element 2010-03-28 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2316 (edit)
tspan transforms
RAISED Allow @transform to apply to <tspan> elements 2010-03-28 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2318 (edit)
RAISED How should text-decorations be rendered wrt boundingbox units (gradients, filters)? 2010-04-07 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2319 (edit) RAISED Add section to SVG 2.0 specification to disambiguate zoom and maginify as well as handle use cases of nesting and mixed content 2010-04-08 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2320 (edit)
Path Lacunae
RAISED Describe behavior for invalid values in path data 2010-04-12 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2322 (edit)
RAISED Should SVG 2.0 deprecate baseline-shift and use vertical-align instead 2010-04-29 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2323 (edit)
RAISED Consider aligning SVG*List interfaces with other arraylike types 2010-05-07 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2324 (edit)
RAISED media elements in SVG need ability to associate captions and description 2010-05-10 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2328 (edit) RAISED Clarify how views affects viewbox and transform 2010-06-01 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2329 (edit)
RAISED Differentiate bounding box from viewbox and width and height 2010-06-07 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2330 (edit)
RAISED Clarify how the 'clip' property affects svg content 2010-06-11 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2347 (edit) RAISED Define 'pt' to be 4/3 of a 'px' 2010-07-01 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2350 (edit)
unknown element fallback
RAISED Specify that unknown elements are treated as <g> elements for the purpose of rendering 2010-07-08 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2352 (edit) RAISED DOMFocusIn/DOMFocusOut deprecated in DOM 3 Events 2010-07-15 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2354 (edit)
clip-rule inverse
RAISED Consider adding a 'inverse' value to clip-rule 2010-07-20 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2355 (edit)
clip without 'clipPath'
RAISED Consider allowing the 'clip-path' property to reference any element, not just 'clipPath' elements 2010-07-20 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2356 (edit)
rendered width/height
RAISED Consider adding renderedWidth/renderHeight properties to SVG root 2010-08-04 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2357 (edit)
fixed stroke
RAISED Consider adding a fixed-stroke property 2010-08-04 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2358 (edit)
nested links
RAISED Resolve how nested links in referenced SVG are resolved 2010-08-06 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2359 (edit)
geometric properties
RAISED Consider allowing geometry to be defined using properties 2010-08-12 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2362 (edit)
animation key triggers
RAISED Consider adding a 'key()' keyword for animation triggers 2010-08-20 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2367 (edit)
RAISED Specify how SVG graphics and text are copy/pasted 2010-09-03 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2370 (edit) RAISED Investigate gradients along a path for SVG 2 2010-09-06 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2371 (edit) RAISED Allow paint servers to reference images and videos 2010-09-06 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2372 (edit) RAISED Investigate hatching for SVG 2 2010-09-06 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2373 (edit)
scroll editable text
RAISED Consider adding scrolling to editable text 2010-09-11 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2378 (edit)
autoscale property
RAISED Consider adding a property for autoscaling 2010-09-18 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2379 (edit)
font metrics
RAISED Consider adding advanced font metrics interface 2010-10-03 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2381 (edit) RAISED Define marker direction handling 2010-10-06 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2385 (edit)
WebIDL multiple inheritance
RAISED Look at how SVG uses multiple inheritance in WebIDL 2010-11-02 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2388 (edit)
RAISED Consider making svgz files just as valid and useful as svg files 2010-11-11 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2389 (edit)
map color to fill
RAISED Consider allowing CSS 'color' property to apply to 'fill' 2010-11-16 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2390 (edit)
Web service conformance
RAISED Add "web service" conformance class to spec 2010-11-17 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2392 (edit)
RAISED writing-mode values across CSS and SVG 2010-11-22 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2394 (edit)
RAISED Newline removal in text processing not useful 2010-12-08 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2395 (edit)
foreign content as graphics
RAISED Define 'graphics element' to include all rendering content, such as HTML and MathML 2010-12-16 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2396 (edit)
rendering vs interaction area
RAISED Distinguish between the rendering area of an element and its interaction area 2011-01-13 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2397 (edit)
RAISED text-decoration needs tighter definition 2011-01-16 SVG 2 1
ISSUE-2400 (edit)
non-scaling stroke
RAISED Make sure SVG 2 includes non-scaling stroke 2011-02-18 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2404 (edit) RAISED Define state and activatability for elements in SVG 2 2011-03-01 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2405 (edit) RAISED AnimVal list items that are removed from their list should become mutable 2011-03-02 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2406 (edit) RAISED Define how SVGLengths resolve % (and other) values when they are not owned by an element 2011-03-02 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2408 (edit) RAISED Have a conformance class that doesn't require multiple independent viewports (tabs/windows) 2011-03-06 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2409 (edit) RAISED Consider defining exactly how to normalize path segment lists 2011-03-08 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2410 (edit) RAISED Consider allowing commas in more places in path data 2011-03-08 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2411 (edit)
bbox and transforms
RAISED Make sure that some bbox definition accounts for effects of transformations 2011-05-09 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2412 (edit)
fragid for non-graphics
RAISED Define fragment identifiers behavior separately for graphics elements and non-rendering elements 2011-05-09 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2413 (edit)
RAISED Missing event attributes in svg 2011-07-14 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2416 (edit)
RAISED Consider allowing zero height or width bbox gradients, and/or adjusting the bbox for stroke to be the actual stroke region 2011-07-23 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2423 (edit) RAISED CSSOM with properties defined in SVG 2011-07-29 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2425 (edit)
RAISED Consider adding a DOM method to convert a <text> element to outline path data 2011-08-03 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2428 (edit) RAISED Should we allow units in more places in SVG? e.g. path data? 2011-11-03 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2430 (edit)
RAISED shorthand properties should be allowed as presentation attributes 2012-01-09 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2432 (edit)
RAISED SVG2 should use lang="" instead of xml:lang="" 2012-01-28 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2433 (edit)
RAISED consider adding dir="" attribute for specifying base text direction 2012-01-31 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2437 (edit)
RAISED exceptions should be thrown when trying to insert an invalid string into an SVGStringList 2012-02-08 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2438 (edit)
RAISED The rounding behavior for the order="" attribute is not defined 2012-02-12 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2439 (edit)
RAISED BNF for path data should accept negative arc radius 2012-02-21 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2440 (edit)
outline highlight
RAISED Define focus highlight in terms of 'outline' 2012-02-23 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2441 (edit) RAISED Intrinsic sizing and percentage values for inline svg in html 2012-03-14 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2444 (edit)
RAISED SVGSVGElement.viewport needs more precise definition 2012-08-27 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2447 (edit)
RAISED Define if attribute values (in particular numerical attributes) are allowed to have leading and/or trailing whitespace (e.g x=" 10" interpreted as 10 and not as an error) 2013-03-28 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2448 (edit) RAISED Define how vector-effect=non-scaling-stroke works in patterns and markers 2013-08-23 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2449 (edit)
RAISED treat FF (U+000C) characters as white space in SVG attributes? 2013-09-10 SVG 2 1
ISSUE-2451 (edit) RAISED Investigate implementability of non-scaling dash array patterns 2013-09-26 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2454 (edit) RAISED What should the bbox of a path without a d attribute be? should such bboxes contribute to a parent container element's bbox? 2014-02-10 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2455 (edit) RAISED Should 'id' attribute refer to DOM4? 2014-02-11 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2456 (edit) RAISED Clarify the url resolving behavior for when there are duplicate ids in a document 2014-02-11 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2457 (edit) RAISED Why does svgmatrix.rotatefromvector(x,y) throw on y=0? 2014-02-17 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2460 (edit)
RAISED should not be allowed to insert non-list reflecting SVGLength into SVGLengthList 2014-07-12 SVG 2 0

Open Actions

There are 42 open and pending review actions.

ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-2022 (edit) open Adding wording about a UA providing where the error is and a reason for the error in a debugging environment Doug Schepers 2008-05-27 SVG 2
ACTION-2128 (edit) open Propose some wording, clarifying the focus stuff Cameron McCormack 2008-08-21 SVG 2
ACTION-2129 (edit) open reply to the 2006Feb/0062 clarifying about discontinuous animations where the value cannot be converted to an interpolable value Cameron McCormack 2008-08-21 SVG 2
ACTION-2131 (edit) open Propose text regarding issue-274 (when animations can be interpolated) Cameron McCormack 2008-08-21 additive-interpolable-anim
ACTION-2133 (edit) open Find out what the SVG community thinks about specifying the inheritance model for properties Doug Schepers 2008-08-21 SVG 2
ACTION-2135 (edit) open Summarize the use of different list syntaxes and to suggest a unified list syntax that will be used mail the svg wg list Doug Schepers 2008-08-21 SVG 2
ACTION-2141 (edit) open Split out the embedded examples in to pre-processed examples (separate files Anthony Grasso 2008-08-21 SVG 2
ACTION-2146 (edit) open Take a quick look at 16.2.18 to see how to make it slightly better Cameron McCormack 2008-08-28 SVG 2
ACTION-2386 (edit) open Investigate the "SVGZoomEvent - Interface" errata item further Jonathan Watt 2008-12-25 SVG 2
ACTION-2405 (edit) open Write a proposal for zoomAndPan replacements Doug Schepers 2009-03-15 replace zoomAndPan
ACTION-2455 (edit) open Propose a number of different solutions to solving the problem of extracting the width and height of an image, and what the bbox should be, in ISSUE-2021 Cameron McCormack 2009-02-19 image-bbox
ACTION-2456 (edit) open Write a proposal for inuitive x/y method Doug Schepers 2009-02-19 new evt x/y
ACTION-2462 (edit) open Play with preserveAspectRatio=\"something slice\" to achieve something like crop but without using crop Erik Dahlström 2009-02-23 ISSUE-2002
ACTION-2469 (edit) open Flesh out the intrinsic sizing erratum with text backported from 1.2T Jonathan Watt 2009-02-24 SVG 2
ACTION-2470 (edit) open Review the spec for the consisten use of glyph and em square/cell, and get rid of character cell Jonathan Watt 2009-02-24 SVG 2
ACTION-2499 (edit) open Ask SYMM WG to clarify allowReorder processing in an erratum Doug Schepers 2009-03-26 switch-allowReorder
ACTION-2533 (edit) open Look into making attributes into properties, and potential problems with that Cameron McCormack 2009-05-04 SVG 2
ACTION-2563 (edit) open Contact the Inkscape guys regarding variable stroke width (ideas, requirements) Doug Schepers 2009-05-27 variable stroke width
ACTION-2564 (edit) open Email Julien regarding intrinsic animation idea and what behaviour he'd expect Erik Dahlström 2009-05-27 SVG Duration
ACTION-2567 (edit) open Write up an email proposing the JWatt idea for fallback behaviour Jonathan Watt 2009-05-27 image fallback
ACTION-2569 (edit) open Draft a proposal to have width and height properties Erik Dahlström 2009-05-27 foreignObject w/h
ACTION-2598 (edit) open Fix ISSUE-2038 Cameron McCormack 2009-06-10 switch-cond-attrs
ACTION-2622 (edit) open Add these dom suggestions to a new svg 2.0 spec Cameron McCormack 2009-06-19 svg-dom-enh
ACTION-2629 (edit) open Add a proposal for getBBoxOf() to the proposals directory Cameron McCormack 2009-07-08 bbox-coord-system
ACTION-2636 (edit) open Add animateTransformType="list" with behaviour that matches CSS animation Cameron McCormack 2009-07-15 animateTransform matrix-decomposition
ACTION-2712 (edit) open Review the SVG DOM and make notes on Erik Dahlström 2010-01-18 SVG 2
ACTION-2717 (edit) open Write up spec text for xlink:href with Erik Doug Schepers 2010-02-01 SVG 2
ACTION-2782 (edit) pending review Write a whitepaper on versioning, future proofing, backward compatability and SVG 2.0 Patrick Dengler 2010-05-17 SVG 2
ACTION-2783 (edit) open Write up new list interface proposal and submit test cases for SVG 2.0 Erik Dahlström 2010-05-17 SVG 2
ACTION-2790 (edit) pending review Post plan for the plan for SVG 2.0 on the Wiki Patrick Dengler 2010-06-07 SVG 2
ACTION-2792 (edit) open Investigate rendering methods for diffusion curves Anthony Grasso 2010-06-07 SVG 2
ACTION-2831 (edit) pending review Check into SVG Load on all elements and performance Patrick Dengler 2010-07-27 SVG 2
ACTION-2866 (edit) open Put together a high level overview stating the most important new features in SVG 2 Chris Lilley 2010-09-15 SVG 2
ACTION-3002 (edit) open Add z-index proposal to SVG 2 Jonathan Watt 2011-03-10 SVG 2
ACTION-3294 (edit) open define text decoration more precisely Cameron McCormack 2012-05-16 text-decoration-def
ACTION-3369 (edit) open Write up a proposal for iframe like syntax in SVG Satoru Takagi 2012-09-25 SVG 2
ACTION-3530 (edit) open Allow U+000C as white space in attributes Cameron McCormack 2013-10-02 ws-ff
ACTION-3575 (edit) open Create inline svg sizing tests Erik Dahlström 2014-02-07 SVG 2
ACTION-3576 (edit) open Make width and height attributes presentation attributes on the svg element Erik Dahlström 2014-02-07 SVG 2
ACTION-3588 (edit) open Update to reference css3 color, which also adds 'transparent' to <color> Chris Lilley 2014-02-17 SVG 2
ACTION-3615 (edit) open Write up proposal for clipping sections of path around markers Tavmjong Bah 2014-04-15 SVG 2
ACTION-3678 (edit) pending review Drive the assessment of svg2 to get it to lcwd by the february f2f Bogdan Brinza 2014-11-07 SVG 2

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Dirk Schulze <>, Chair, Chris Lilley <>, Staff Contact
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