ISSUE-2048: Consider adding certain HTML attributes used in microformats

microformats attributes

Consider adding certain HTML attributes used in microformats

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Doug Schepers
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Microformats are simple ways to add information to a web page using mostly the class attribute (although sometimes the id, title, rel or rev attributes too).

Microformats has proven very popular in certain communities, but it is designed for use with HTML. SVG has the 'class', 'id', and 'xlink:title' attributes, but not 'rel' or 'rev' attributes. The XLink specification does not provide equivalent attributes ('xlink:role' and 'xlink:arcrole' have URI values, not string values). Adding 'rel' or 'rev' attributes would allow the same microformats designed for HTML to be used in SVG as well. (Note that many uses of the 'title' attribute for microformats have been shown to harm accessibility, so that's something to be careful of.) It is possible that SVG-specific microformats could be developed as well (Jonathan Chetwynd has suggested one for AT, though details are needed).

This should be considered in the larger context of ARIA, RDFa, the 'role' attribute, and the <title>, <desc>, and <metadata> elements (especially in the context of ARIA roles). See .

Personally, I think that using RDFa, with its additional dedicated attributes, may allow for richer functionality, though microformats is slightly simpler. Preferably, we'll enable both to be used, since there is little additional overhead for SVG.
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