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ACTION-2012 (edit) open Create two tests for normalizing 'z'. One with interpolation with 1.1, another with path DOM. Note one exists already for 1.2 DOM Andreas Neumann 2008-05-20 Test Suite - SVG Tiny 1.2
ACTION-2015 (edit) open Make suggested changes discussed in issue-272 Andrew Emmons 2008-05-20 Test Suite - SVG Tiny 1.2
ACTION-2016 (edit) open Create test with both animation and scripting Anthony Grasso 2008-05-20 Test Suite - SVG Tiny 1.2
ACTION-2017 (edit) open CHange test as discussed in issue-337 Andrew Emmons 2008-05-20 Test Suite - SVG Tiny 1.2
ACTION-2021 (edit) open Add informative implementation tip regarding filter primitive subregion and research the second question in Robert's email and respond to that as well Erik Dahlström 2008-05-22 Module: Filters
ACTION-2022 (edit) open Adding wording about a UA providing where the error is and a reason for the error in a debugging environment Doug Schepers 2008-05-27 SVG 2
ACTION-2025 (edit) open Write an automated test creation and editing framework Doug Schepers 2008-10-28 Test Suite - SVG Core 2.0
ACTION-2027 (edit) open Fix testcases to not use more than four decimal places as that is what's guaranteed in the types chapter Andrew Emmons 2008-05-28 Test Suite - SVG Tiny 1.2
ACTION-2029 (edit) open Update udom-svgpath-202-t.svg to color the output text in red and green depending on status Andrew Emmons 2008-05-29 Test Suite - SVG Tiny 1.2
ACTION-2030 (edit) open Review and fix the color normalization mismatches in the test Erik Dahlström 2008-05-29 Test Suite - SVG Tiny 1.2
ACTION-2035 (edit) open Draw up error case examples of SVG and HTML Doug Schepers 2008-05-29 SVG-and-HTML
ACTION-2038 (edit) open Add 1.1 full opacity to compositing module Anthony Grasso 2008-05-30 Module: Compositing
ACTION-2039 (edit) open Mark up assertions in current filter module specs Erik Dahlström 2008-05-30 Module: Filters
ACTION-2046 (edit) open Review the 1.2T DOH tests that are still unreviewed (AE will send a list of the tests to public-svg-wg) 2008-06-05 Test Suite - SVG Tiny 1.2
ACTION-2065 (edit) open Reword the enable-background property example Erik Dahlström 2008-06-19 Module: Filters
ACTION-2066 (edit) open Propose wording that clarifies the use of background image outside of the viewPort bounds Erik Dahlström 2008-06-19 BackgroundImage
ACTION-2067 (edit) open Add Eriks proposed wording to the Errata. Link to ACTION-2066 Anthony Grasso 2008-06-19 enable-background
ACTION-2075 (edit) open Figure out why the SVG Tiny NVDL schema is broken (ISSUE-2009) Doug Schepers 2008-07-01 SVG Tiny 1.2
ACTION-2077 (edit) open Test implementations for percentage values in clipPath, etc. Erik Dahlström 2008-07-03 percentage-objectbbox
ACTION-2078 (edit) open Reply to Julien to say that we won't add keyLocation etc. to KeyboardEvent in the uDOM Doug Schepers 2008-07-03 SVG Tiny 1.2
ACTION-2085 (edit) open Review fonts-elem-05-t Andrew Emmons 2008-07-15 Test Suite - SVG Tiny 1.2
ACTION-2089 (edit) open Fix struct-discard-202-t Andrew Emmons 2008-07-15 Test Suite - SVG Tiny 1.2
ACTION-2097 (edit) open Create layout the module and email Roc Doug Schepers 2008-07-17
ACTION-2104 (edit) open Nag HTML WG about proposal Doug Schepers 2008-07-24 SVG-and-HTML
ACTION-2108 (edit) open Make sure DOM 3 Events talks about mutation events outside of the document Doug Schepers 2008-07-29
ACTION-2119 (edit) open Review struct-cond-208 and struct-cond-211 requiredFonts tests Doug Schepers 2008-07-31 Test Suite - SVG Tiny 1.2
ACTION-2128 (edit) open Propose some wording, clarifying the focus stuff Cameron McCormack 2008-08-21 SVG 2
ACTION-2129 (edit) open reply to the 2006Feb/0062 clarifying about discontinuous animations where the value cannot be converted to an interpolable value Cameron McCormack 2008-08-21 SVG 2
ACTION-2131 (edit) open Propose text regarding issue-274 (when animations can be interpolated) Cameron McCormack 2008-08-21 additive-interpolable-anim
ACTION-2133 (edit) open Find out what the SVG community thinks about specifying the inheritance model for properties Doug Schepers 2008-08-21 SVG 2
ACTION-2134 (edit) open Find someone who knows about xsd to review and make the changes in gavin's e-mail Doug Schepers 2008-08-21
ACTION-2135 (edit) open Summarize the use of different list syntaxes and to suggest a unified list syntax that will be used mail the svg wg list Doug Schepers 2008-08-21 SVG 2
ACTION-2136 (edit) open Create a bbox-test for special cases, e.g. zero geometry elements, paths with holes, etc Doug Schepers 2008-08-21 Test Suite - SVG Core 2.0
ACTION-2141 (edit) open Split out the embedded examples in to pre-processed examples (separate files Anthony Grasso 2008-08-21 SVG 2
ACTION-2146 (edit) open Take a quick look at 16.2.18 to see how to make it slightly better Cameron McCormack 2008-08-28 SVG 2
ACTION-2148 (edit) open Take up ISSUE-2031 with the HTML WG Doug Schepers 2008-08-28 focus-remove-element
ACTION-2158 (edit) open Inform JSR/OMA when we finish Last Call Doug Schepers 2008-08-28 SVG Tiny 1.2
ACTION-2172 (edit) open Review linking-a-202-t.svg Erik Dahlström 2008-08-31 Test Suite - SVG Tiny 1.2
ACTION-2195 (edit) open Review struct-discard-208-t.svg Andrew Emmons 2008-09-23 Test Suite - SVG Tiny 1.2
ACTION-2196 (edit) open Work with AG on integrating ROC's proposal into the filters spec Erik Dahlström 2008-09-23 Module: Filters
ACTION-2197 (edit) open Work with ED on integrating ROC's proposal into the compositing/clipping&masking spec Anthony Grasso 2008-09-23 Module: Compositing
ACTION-2198 (edit) open Fold in the clipping&masking chapter into the compositing module Anthony Grasso 2008-09-23 Module: Compositing
ACTION-2204 (edit) open Review animate-elem-86-t test Erik Dahlström 2008-09-30 Test Suite - SVG Tiny 1.2
ACTION-2209 (edit) open Remove the subtest from interact-event-204-t Andrew Emmons 2008-09-30 Test Suite - SVG Tiny 1.2
ACTION-2221 (edit) open Send comments about text-area-206 to the list for review Erik Dahlström 2008-10-02 Test Suite - SVG Tiny 1.2
ACTION-2245 (edit) open Fix list of tests that depend on having default focus (list will be provided by DS at the end of the testfest) Niklas Hagelroth 2008-10-07 Test Suite - SVG Tiny 1.2
ACTION-2246 (edit) open Split media-anim-202-t into multiple tests and add clear pass criteria Lee Martineau 2008-10-07 Test Suite - SVG Tiny 1.2
ACTION-2259 (edit) open Alter udom-svg-225-t so it does not require infinite precision in timing and rely on undocumented order of execution Erik Dahlström 2008-10-09 Test Suite - SVG Tiny 1.2
ACTION-2271 (edit) open Split up udom-svg-224-t and udom-svg-220-t into separate tests which indicate pass/fail of each subtest and indicate the exceptions thrown Cameron McCormack 2008-10-09 Test Suite - SVG Tiny 1.2
ACTION-2282 (edit) open Remove the sub tests from the trait tests that relies on not supported error to be thrown Erik Dahlström 2008-10-16 traitAccess accessing rules
ACTION-2294 (edit) open Send email to clarify audio-level clamping issue Niklas Hagelroth 2008-10-21 Test Suite - SVG Tiny 1.2
ACTION-2329 (edit) open Coordinate on Kaz on JP IG list description Doug Schepers 2008-10-30
ACTION-2366 (edit) open Follow up errata proposal on the Email list to say that pointer events and clipping have been resolved Doug Schepers 2008-12-08
ACTION-2369 (edit) open Investigate if WICD addresses some of the issues about scaling size interaction between SVG and CSS Doug Schepers 2008-12-08
ACTION-2371 (edit) open Gather together the selectors API comments Doug Schepers 2008-12-11
ACTION-2374 (edit) open Make pointer event tests Doug Schepers 2008-12-11
ACTION-2379 (edit) open Ask Mozilla about this clipping issue Doug Schepers 2008-12-18
ACTION-2384 (edit) open Test for event clipping when the clippath is on a group Doug Schepers 2008-12-25
ACTION-2386 (edit) open Investigate the "SVGZoomEvent - Interface" errata item further Jonathan Watt 2008-12-25 SVG 2
ACTION-2389 (edit) open Review the progressevents spec ( and send comments to public-svg-wg Doug Schepers 2009-01-12
ACTION-2391 (edit) open Investigate ISSUE-2194 and summarise what implementations do currently with list-type attributes Cameron McCormack 2009-01-19 list-syntax-incompatibilities
ACTION-2399 (edit) open See if Niklas wants to finish up MAE Doug Schepers 2009-01-19
ACTION-2405 (edit) open Write a proposal for zoomAndPan replacements Doug Schepers 2009-03-15 replace zoomAndPan
ACTION-2406 (edit) open Look into making the cvs commit hook mailer on to mail for any change under SVG/ Doug Schepers 2009-01-26
ACTION-2410 (edit) open Reply to to say what we decided and that we've made erratum for it Cameron McCormack 2009-01-26
ACTION-2411 (edit) open Review 1.2T/tests/animate-elem-82-t.svg and make sure the positions are correct for the paced animations, and move the test back to draft/unapproved for now Erik Dahlström 2009-01-26 Test Suite - SVG Tiny 1.2
ACTION-2412 (edit) open Merge 'enable-background' definition to align with Filters module Anthony Grasso 2009-01-29 enable-background
ACTION-2416 (edit) open Check the specification to verify the focus behaviour of an element that loses focus then reply to Ian's email about it Doug Schepers 2009-02-02
ACTION-2417 (edit) open Test the focus highlight problem is SVG Tiny 1.2 relating to ISSUE-2037 Erik Dahlström 2009-02-02 focushighlight-inheritance
ACTION-2418 (edit) open Investigate what the BBox size is when textArea width and height are auto and respond to Niklas's email Doug Schepers 2009-02-02
ACTION-2426 (edit) open Start core/scratch module Doug Schepers 2009-02-05
ACTION-2431 (edit) open Start the discussion on security SVG/canvas/filters etc with the security-group at opera Erik Dahlström 2009-02-09
ACTION-2434 (edit) open Create 1.2T tests for ISSUE-2018, ISSUE-2019, ISSUE-2020 Cameron McCormack 2009-02-09 Test Suite - SVG Tiny 1.2
ACTION-2437 (edit) open See if the animate-elem-35 can be remade to work under smaller precision fixedpoint Anthony Grasso 2009-02-09 Test Suite - SVG Full 1.1
ACTION-2440 (edit) open Investigate simplex noise filter further Erik Dahlström 2009-02-12
ACTION-2446 (edit) open Edit according to Cameron McCormack 2009-02-16
ACTION-2448 (edit) open Put animate-elem-86-t in the 1.2T test suite too Cameron McCormack 2009-02-16 Test Suite - SVG Tiny 1.2
ACTION-2449 (edit) open Talk to the SysAdmin team to put the MathML MIME type on the servers Doug Schepers 2009-02-16
ACTION-2454 (edit) open Fix conf-reader-20x to not display the random prefix strings, instead check the values in DOM and mark success with a green rect or smth Erik Dahlström 2009-02-19
ACTION-2455 (edit) open Propose a number of different solutions to solving the problem of extracting the width and height of an image, and what the bbox should be, in ISSUE-2021 Cameron McCormack 2009-02-19 image-bbox
ACTION-2456 (edit) open Write a proposal for inuitive x/y method Doug Schepers 2009-02-19 new evt x/y
ACTION-2457 (edit) open Email the public list and representatives of the major browsers and ask if having a link element would be useful for them Doug Schepers 2009-02-19
ACTION-2458 (edit) open Do the paperwork for berjon's IE application Doug Schepers 2009-02-22
ACTION-2459 (edit) open Follow Zack Rusin's interest in being an invited expert Doug Schepers 2009-02-22
ACTION-2461 (edit) open Suggest some rewritten text for these suspend methods Jonathan Watt 2009-02-23 redraw-method-issues
ACTION-2462 (edit) open Play with preserveAspectRatio=\"something slice\" to achieve something like crop but without using crop Erik Dahlström 2009-02-23 ISSUE-2002
ACTION-2463 (edit) open Propose some text for filter region clipping Jonathan Watt 2009-02-23 filter-bbox
ACTION-2464 (edit) open Look into how SVG IG JP can submit Layering and Tiling Module to W3C/SVG WG Doug Schepers 2009-02-23
ACTION-2465 (edit) open Follow up with SVG IG JP on the svg wg roadmap Jun Fujisawa 2009-02-23
ACTION-2466 (edit) open Update link to point at 1.2T and to change the dated link to say that work is aborted on 1.2 full, svg 2.0 will be the next version, the latest rec is 1.2T Doug Schepers 2009-02-23
ACTION-2469 (edit) open Flesh out the intrinsic sizing erratum with text backported from 1.2T Jonathan Watt 2009-02-24 SVG 2
ACTION-2470 (edit) open Review the spec for the consisten use of glyph and em square/cell, and get rid of character cell Jonathan Watt 2009-02-24 SVG 2
ACTION-2473 (edit) open Create a an errata item on the Error Processing Rules section to mention what SVG Tiny 1.2 does, and that a future version of Full will go the same route Jonathan Watt 2009-02-25
ACTION-2475 (edit) open Prepare SVG 3D Transforms for publication Doug Schepers 2009-02-25
ACTION-2477 (edit) open Propose a solution for ISSUE-2071, referring to external resources and how that affects security (\"tainting\" an svg) and how that might apply to methods like elementFromPoint Doug Schepers 2009-02-26 filter security
ACTION-2478 (edit) open Edit the SVG Layout Requirements document to include the conclusions in these minutes (and from the previous day) and to proceed with the publication of it Cameron McCormack 2009-02-27
ACTION-2481 (edit) open Reply to Dean on 3d transforms Doug Schepers 2009-03-05
ACTION-2485 (edit) open Review WAI specs Doug Schepers 2009-03-12
ACTION-2486 (edit) open Send mail to the CSS WG asking about their border-radius clamping algorithm Erik Dahlström 2009-03-16
ACTION-2487 (edit) open Determine the feasibility of changing the SVG 1.1 Mobile/Basic DTD inplace Doug Schepers 2009-03-16
ACTION-2495 (edit) open Test how percentages resolve with objectBoundingBox Jonathan Watt 2009-03-23
ACTION-2497 (edit) open Reply to Simon about image-fit Doug Schepers 2009-03-23
ACTION-2499 (edit) open Ask SYMM WG to clarify allowReorder processing in an erratum Doug Schepers 2009-03-26 switch-allowReorder
ACTION-2500 (edit) open Add nearest-neighbor as a value of image-rendering to Core Doug Schepers 2009-03-30
ACTION-2504 (edit) open Arrange a joint telcon Doug Schepers 2009-04-02
ACTION-2511 (edit) open Ask svgdevelopers / svgig about onload/svgload events and how they use it Doug Schepers 2009-04-13
ACTION-2514 (edit) open Finish porting old tracker issues to the new tracker Cameron McCormack 1970-01-01
ACTION-2515 (edit) open Contact AT vendors about SVG accessibility Doug Schepers 2009-04-15
ACTION-2522 (edit) open Create an errata to address ISSUE-2266 Doug Schepers 2009-04-27 role-ref-typo
ACTION-2524 (edit) open Create an errata to address the questions in the email sent Cameron McCormack 2009-04-27 SVG 1.2 Tiny: Errata
ACTION-2532 (edit) open Integrate the new potential syntax, and publish the ref spec Doug Schepers 2009-05-04
ACTION-2533 (edit) open Look into making attributes into properties, and potential problems with that Cameron McCormack 2009-05-04 SVG 2
ACTION-2534 (edit) open Ask HTML WG what they think about parsing <param> and <link> in SVG Doug Schepers 2009-05-06
ACTION-2535 (edit) open Contact the CSSWG about making some more SVG attributes properties Doug Schepers 2009-05-06
ACTION-2541 (edit) open Determine and specify whether foreignObject is an absolute and fixed positioning container block 1970-01-01
ACTION-2544 (edit) open Make a test for default units per em value Cameron McCormack 2009-05-11 Test Suite - SVG Full 1.1
ACTION-2563 (edit) open Contact the Inkscape guys regarding variable stroke width (ideas, requirements) Doug Schepers 2009-05-27 variable stroke width
ACTION-2564 (edit) open Email Julien regarding intrinsic animation idea and what behaviour he'd expect Erik Dahlström 2009-05-27 SVG Duration
ACTION-2567 (edit) open Write up an email proposing the JWatt idea for fallback behaviour Jonathan Watt 2009-05-27 image fallback
ACTION-2569 (edit) open Draft a proposal to have width and height properties Erik Dahlström 2009-05-27 foreignObject w/h
ACTION-2578 (edit) open Consider adding an informative note in the Filters module about color-interpolation-filers and feDisplacementMap, Erik Dahlström 2009-06-01
ACTION-2579 (edit) open Add SVG 1.1F2 filter tests, see Erik Dahlström 2009-06-04
ACTION-2585 (edit) open Reply to the drag&drop email Doug Schepers 2009-06-08
ACTION-2586 (edit) open Write up scenarios for drag&drop and how it should work declaratively etc Doug Schepers 2009-06-08
ACTION-2590 (edit) open Ensure javadocs get published when 1.1F2 is published Cameron McCormack 2009-06-09 SVG Full 1.1
ACTION-2591 (edit) open Send email to ODF saying a couple of us would be interested in attending their telcons where they talk about SVG Doug Schepers 2009-06-10
ACTION-2598 (edit) open Fix ISSUE-2038 Cameron McCormack 2009-06-10 switch-cond-attrs
ACTION-2601 (edit) open Ask the htmlwg about mae vs html5 media events Doug Schepers 2009-06-15
ACTION-2603 (edit) open Look into how svg transforms and css transforms interact on svg content? Jonathan Watt 2009-06-16
ACTION-2604 (edit) open Rock the roc re sci.not Jonathan Watt 2009-06-16
ACTION-2606 (edit) open Propose wording for "preserve black" attribute for color profiles Anthony Grasso 2009-06-16
ACTION-2612 (edit) open Find out about svg integration in html5 Jonathan Watt 2009-06-17
ACTION-2616 (edit) open Write up a shape path proposal Doug Schepers 2009-06-19
ACTION-2617 (edit) open Play with css flex box to see how applicable it could be to svg Cameron McCormack 2009-06-19
ACTION-2620 (edit) open Write up a proposal for joint canvas/svg api, ISSUE-2044 Doug Schepers 2009-06-19
ACTION-2621 (edit) open Update template directory with build scripts Cameron McCormack 2009-06-19
ACTION-2622 (edit) open Add these dom suggestions to a new svg 2.0 spec Cameron McCormack 2009-06-19 svg-dom-enh
ACTION-2623 (edit) open Convert the test suites to use the 3-clause bsd licence Anthony Grasso 2009-06-19 All
ACTION-2625 (edit) open Send mail to www-svg with explanation of what we'll be doing with minutes sending Doug Schepers 2009-06-19
ACTION-2626 (edit) open Check udom-svg-209.svg test case for the problem of beginElement pointed out by Quickoffice Cameron McCormack 2009-06-29 Test Suite - SVG Tiny 1.2
ACTION-2629 (edit) open Add a proposal for getBBoxOf() to the proposals directory Cameron McCormack 2009-07-08 bbox-coord-system
ACTION-2632 (edit) open Review the filters-offset-02-b.svg test Jonathan Watt 2009-07-15
ACTION-2633 (edit) open Create test cases that test filter regions for a range of different filter primitives Erik Dahlström 2009-07-15
ACTION-2636 (edit) open Add animateTransformType="list" with behaviour that matches CSS animation Cameron McCormack 2009-07-15 animateTransform matrix-decomposition
ACTION-2638 (edit) open Ask about MAMA usage for SVG document frequency and SVG DOM API usage Erik Dahlström 2009-07-22
ACTION-2639 (edit) open Email implementors about their thoughts on improving the SVG DOM Erik Dahlström 2009-07-22
ACTION-2640 (edit) open Mail eseidel about SVGPathSegList Doug Schepers 2009-07-22
ACTION-2646 (edit) open Follow up on ACTION-2645 and assign work to the extracted interface and method names Doug Schepers 2009-08-12
ACTION-2655 (edit) open Review media fragments uc&r document Erik Dahlström 2009-08-26
ACTION-2658 (edit) open Investigate "Inheritance during SVG animation of CSS properties" and reply on www-svg Erik Dahlström 2009-08-26
ACTION-2659 (edit) open Make a test for dx/dy like Cameron McCormack 2009-08-26 Test Suite - SVG Full 1.1
ACTION-2661 (edit) open Look more into the HTML 5 specification to see if there is wording about how the result of XSLT are parsed when script element is encountered Cameron McCormack 2009-09-02
ACTION-2666 (edit) open Email the HTML WG about XSLT generated events and when they should fire Cameron McCormack 2009-09-16
ACTION-2668 (edit) open Make image and find wording for Ola'fs feDistantLight issue Erik Dahlström 2009-09-30 Module: Filters
ACTION-2669 (edit) open Write a ua test for intersection/enclosure methods Cameron McCormack 2009-09-30
ACTION-2670 (edit) open Write a UA test for ISSUE-2294 Cameron McCormack 2009-09-30
ACTION-2675 (edit) open Summarize the html5 conclusions from these minutes and send them to the HTML WG Erik Dahlström 2009-10-05
ACTION-2676 (edit) open Fix the 1.1 second edition wording for values that are accessed where no attribute was provided, and have it be NaN or 0 with unknown unit depending on the type of domobject Erik Dahlström 2009-10-06 SVG Full 1.1
ACTION-2679 (edit) open Write up 3d transforms for svg model vs css model Anthony Grasso 2009-10-07
ACTION-2680 (edit) open Send out proposal for limited prefix processing in text/html Erik Dahlström 2009-10-07
ACTION-2681 (edit) open Write up the connector proposal Doug Schepers 2009-10-08
ACTION-2684 (edit) open Send email about telcon time change, with link to planner Doug Schepers 2009-10-28
ACTION-2686 (edit) open Extend the content model for filter primitive elements to allow animate and set, as reported here Erik Dahlström 2009-11-03 Module: Filters
ACTION-2688 (edit) open Begin authoring the rendering concepts specification Jonathan Watt 2009-11-04
ACTION-2689 (edit) open Talk to Julian R about plug-in API and changing parameters Doug Schepers 2009-11-16
ACTION-2693 (edit) open Redesign the SVG WG wiki page, and articulate there our pseudo-3D ambitions Doug Schepers 2009-11-23
ACTION-2699 (edit) open to test innerHTML for applicability to SVG Jonathan Watt 2009-11-30
ACTION-2706 (edit) open Send in details to the list on DOM 3 Transform X/Y for feedback Doug Schepers 2009-12-17
ACTION-2712 (edit) open Review the SVG DOM and make notes on Erik Dahlström 2010-01-18 SVG 2
ACTION-2717 (edit) open Write up spec text for xlink:href with Erik Doug Schepers 2010-02-01 SVG 2
ACTION-2719 (edit) open Make examples of transparent SVG+HTML with and without opacity Erik Dahlström 2010-02-01 SVG-and-HTML
ACTION-2720 (edit) open Summarize agenda topics from these minutes and add to wiki Erik Dahlström 2010-02-04
ACTION-2733 (edit) open Respond about the optical kerning and text wrapping Doug Schepers 2010-03-01
ACTION-2739 (edit) open Respond with Working Groups thoughts on image position Erik Dahlström 2010-03-08
ACTION-2747 (edit) open Contact the participants of the SVG WG and communicate that we need to concrete progress on 1.1 2nd edition and 2.0. This reqiures active participation in the list and telecon Erik Dahlström 2010-04-05 SVG Full 1.1
ACTION-2749 (edit) open Respond to Richard about I18N tests and the method by which we will adopt them Doug Schepers 2010-04-05 Test Suite - SVG Full 1.1
ACTION-2751 (edit) open Search through the minutes and look for where the group has made resolutions to publish Doug Schepers 2010-04-08
ACTION-2762 (edit) open Write a test for ISSUE-2305 Chris Lilley 2010-04-19 ISSUE-2305
ACTION-2764 (edit) open Allow feMorphology 'radius' with negative and zero values Erik Dahlström 2010-04-21 Module: Filters
ACTION-2770 (edit) open Mark reviewed tests as accepted Erik Dahlström 2010-05-03 Test Suite - SVG Full 1.1
ACTION-2771 (edit) open Rewrite styling-pres-02-f.svg to not use getPresentationAttribute Erik Dahlström 2010-05-03 Test Suite - SVG Full 1.1
ACTION-2775 (edit) open Investigate alternative ways of handling subregions for filters Erik Dahlström 2010-05-03 ISSUE-2321
ACTION-2778 (edit) open Backport fonts-elem-05-t.svg from 1.2T to 1.1F2 Erik Dahlström 2010-05-06 Test Suite - SVG Full 1.1
ACTION-2783 (edit) open Write up new list interface proposal and submit test cases for SVG 2.0 Erik Dahlström 2010-05-17 SVG 2
ACTION-2784 (edit) open Create Test Case for Animating SVGFragmentIdentifier Erik Dahlström 2010-05-17 SVG Full 1.1
ACTION-2785 (edit) open Update filters spec to explicitly say that other specs may extend the set of filter input images (and that the meaning must be defined), Erik Dahlström 2010-05-24 Module: Filters
ACTION-2787 (edit) open test tracker settings Doug Schepers 2010-05-31
ACTION-2789 (edit) open Move the font-family parsing tests to the svg 2 test suite Chris Lilley 2010-06-07 Test Suite - SVG Core 2.0
ACTION-2792 (edit) open Investigate rendering methods for diffusion curves Anthony Grasso 2010-06-07 SVG 2
ACTION-2795 (edit) open Make some html5 and svg combined tests that exercise overflow Patrick Dengler 2010-06-14 SVG-and-HTML
ACTION-2799 (edit) open Review the png tests and generate reference images Erik Dahlström 2010-06-24 Test Suite - SVG Full 1.1
ACTION-2803 (edit) open Add XHTML validation to the SVG 1.1 Full 2nd Edition test harness Erik Dahlström 2010-06-29
ACTION-2805 (edit) open Respond and put Fantasi's comment into Tracker Erik Dahlström 2010-06-29
ACTION-2807 (edit) open Create some new tests that relate to the problems in ISSUE-2332 Erik Dahlström 2010-07-06 ISSUE-2332
ACTION-2818 (edit) open Investigate ISSUE-2341 and look for previous comments Chris Lilley 2010-07-13 ISSUE-2341
ACTION-2823 (edit) open Contact Ralph Levien about his algorithm for rendering Cutmull-Rom curves Doug Schepers 2010-07-20
ACTION-2824 (edit) open Send out first round of interviews to different implementers Doug Schepers 2010-07-20
ACTION-2826 (edit) open Work with Tav and CSS working group on understanding the requirment for CSS/SVG Unitless Properties Doug Schepers 2010-07-27
ACTION-2828 (edit) open Create more sophisticated test cases around <image> sizing and viewBox Patrick Dengler 2010-07-27
ACTION-2829 (edit) open Investigate default <svg> sizing in HTML5 Patrick Dengler 2010-07-27
ACTION-2832 (edit) open Investigate markers and where and when to apply style Erik Dahlström 2010-07-27
ACTION-2833 (edit) open Investigate Inkscape SVG on clipboard usage Tavmjong Bah 2010-09-10
ACTION-2835 (edit) open Add a table to the integration document about the embedded and inline SVG with regards to pointer events on the SVG root Doug Schepers 2010-09-10
ACTION-2838 (edit) open Run the tests on Safari on Mac Doug Schepers 2010-09-10
ACTION-2844 (edit) open Contact the CSS WG about a transition-attribute property or equivalent Doug Schepers 2010-09-13
ACTION-2845 (edit) open See what implementations are doing with regards to CSS transitions and SMIL sandwich models Erik Dahlström 2010-09-13
ACTION-2846 (edit) open Prepare a draft about the relationships between CSS transitions and SVG Erik Dahlström 2010-09-13
ACTION-2847 (edit) open Draft report on Coons patches Tavmjong Bah 2010-09-13
ACTION-2848 (edit) open Implement trimesh gradients using phong shading model Alex Danilo 2010-09-13
ACTION-2849 (edit) open Start a write up page on shape-flow-container-galley property Doug Schepers 2010-09-13
ACTION-2850 (edit) open Add the idea of processing children of unknown elements in the SVG namespaces to the integration specification Doug Schepers 2010-09-13
ACTION-2851 (edit) open Talk to Andreas about shapes on path and stroke patterns about drawing up use case and requirements Doug Schepers 2010-09-13
ACTION-2852 (edit) open Extract the maths from Inkscape for path on path and write a report Tavmjong Bah 2010-09-13
ACTION-2853 (edit) open Spec out SVG point Doug Schepers 2010-09-13
ACTION-2854 (edit) open Go through the MAE spec and the HTML 5 spec for video events and report back to the SVG WG Jean-Claude Moissinac 2010-09-14
ACTION-2856 (edit) open To add to the integration specification how border and background properties apply to SVG Doug Schepers 2010-09-14
ACTION-2857 (edit) open Investigate defining the outline property for use on SVG elements Doug Schepers 2010-09-14
ACTION-2858 (edit) open Clariify the behaviour of pointer events on container elements Doug Schepers 2010-09-14
ACTION-2864 (edit) open Define 'foreignObject' behavior in SVG Integration Doug Schepers 2010-09-15
ACTION-2865 (edit) open Update Params spec to change URL syntax Doug Schepers 2010-09-15
ACTION-2866 (edit) open Put together a high level overview stating the most important new features in SVG 2 Chris Lilley 2010-09-15 SVG 2
ACTION-2867 (edit) open Add to the common convention document mark up for testable assertions Doug Schepers 2010-09-15
ACTION-2868 (edit) open Add wiki href proposal to the SVG 2 specification Doug Schepers 2010-09-15
ACTION-2874 (edit) open Invite Kris and PLH to talk about testing next Tuesday Doug Schepers 2010-09-28
ACTION-2875 (edit) open Ask if HTML has advanced dominant baseline positioning similar to SVG Erik Dahlström 2010-09-28
ACTION-2882 (edit) open Propose wording or a test case for what the colour space should be for feDisplacementMap Erik Dahlström 2010-10-19 SVG Full 1.1
ACTION-2883 (edit) open Add getCoordsAt to transform spec and coordinate with shepazu Anthony Grasso 2010-10-26
ACTION-2890 (edit) open Work with PatrickD on drafting up a proposal for the same shared data model and functionality across SVGA and CSSA Dean Jackson 2010-11-11
ACTION-2891 (edit) open Spec the SVG Attribute as a presentation property removing the need to keep same behavior as in other presentation properties in SVG Anthony Grasso 2010-11-11
ACTION-2892 (edit) open Add informative note about how to handle MS <filter> from before Erik Dahlström 2010-11-11
ACTION-2893 (edit) open Submit new filter effects proposals Patrick Dengler 2010-11-11
ACTION-2894 (edit) open Move to the main wikipage and break it into subpages Erik Dahlström 2010-11-11
ACTION-2895 (edit) open Follow up on tabAtkins gradient requirement document Patrick Dengler 2010-11-11
ACTION-2897 (edit) open Talk with Patrick and Erik about crowd sourcing test reviewing and figure out how to set it up Doug Schepers 2010-11-12
ACTION-2898 (edit) open Start conversation with Simon Willison to understand how to kick start a wide sourcing project Doug Schepers 2010-11-12
ACTION-2899 (edit) open Help shepazu drive SVG "Integration" specification to editors draft Patrick Dengler 2010-11-12
ACTION-2902 (edit) open Coordinate with Cameron to scope SVG DOM simplifications and establish a spec with a delivery date Doug Schepers 2010-11-12
ACTION-2903 (edit) open Work with Tab Atkins on gradient extensions use case and requirements Tavmjong Bah 2010-11-12
ACTION-2922 (edit) open Fix the text-intro-04 test with feedback that has been around a little while Chris Lilley 2010-12-16
ACTION-2924 (edit) open Send mail to HTML WG raising the issue of using SVG in the HTML head Doug Schepers 2010-12-16
ACTION-2925 (edit) open Contact Ishida about bidi examples in the spec to simplify and clarify Chris Lilley 2011-01-26
ACTION-2930 (edit) open Research clarifications from i18n people and mozilla testers for text-align-07 Cameron McCormack 2011-01-26
ACTION-2940 (edit) open Look at opera failing fonts-desc-04 Erik Dahlström 2011-02-09
ACTION-2941 (edit) open Look into batik failing fonts-desc-04 Cameron McCormack 2011-02-09
ACTION-2942 (edit) open Check batik for fonts-desc-05 Cameron McCormack 2011-02-09
ACTION-2943 (edit) open Check opera for fonts-desc-05, but no promises! Erik Dahlström 2011-02-09
ACTION-2945 (edit) open Look into fonts-glyph-03 with no guarantees Cameron McCormack 2011-02-09
ACTION-2952 (edit) open Review struct-dom-15 Patrick Dengler 2011-02-09
ACTION-2954 (edit) open To create table of results from Tav's test on Tavmjong Bah 2011-02-16
ACTION-2955 (edit) open Review tests for issue #2339 / filters feDistantLight Erik Dahlström 2011-02-16
ACTION-2957 (edit) open Split up test and recategorize under fonts Erik Dahlström 2011-02-16
ACTION-2959 (edit) open Break down test and determine correctness; change SVG Font to give proper alignment Erik Dahlström 2011-02-16
ACTION-2961 (edit) open Propose text to address issue with marker colours not matching colours of path Tavmjong Bah 2011-02-23
ACTION-2962 (edit) open Convert fonts-desc-04-t. and 05-t to use WOFF Chris Lilley 2011-03-06
ACTION-2965 (edit) open Make a WOFF font for text-dom-04-f.html Erik Dahlström 2011-03-06
ACTION-2971 (edit) open Coordinate with Mike about setting up a telcon about testing Doug Schepers 2011-03-07
ACTION-2972 (edit) open Convert a couple of animation tests to use the spot testing method Erik Dahlström 2011-03-07
ACTION-2974 (edit) open Draw up a spec around simple dom core api Doug Schepers 2011-03-07
ACTION-2978 (edit) open Follow up with roc and to provide feedback on the svg params spec Jonathan Watt 2011-03-08
ACTION-2979 (edit) open Write a proposal for external reference restrictions, with whitelists and blacklists Doug Schepers 2011-03-08
ACTION-2980 (edit) open Add examples to each referencing mode in svg integration Doug Schepers 2011-03-08
ACTION-2981 (edit) open Add another referencing mode for the banner ad use-case, noscript but with interactivity Doug Schepers 2011-03-08
ACTION-2985 (edit) open Update the SVG Advanced Gradients Usecase and Requirements to include a summary of exisiting technologies Anthony Grasso 2011-03-08
ACTION-2989 (edit) open Write spec text about insertItem etc. throwing when the object already has an owner Jonathan Watt 2011-03-09
ACTION-2990 (edit) open Review to see if he agrees with it Erik Dahlström 2011-03-09
ACTION-2991 (edit) open Review to see if he agrees with it Patrick Dengler 2011-03-09
ACTION-2993 (edit) open Get Daniel to talk to David about making a new harmonized animations spec Jonathan Watt 2011-03-10
ACTION-2996 (edit) open Work on removing the margins and put some proposed text for how to deal with the proposed filter regions into the filters spec Erik Dahlström 2011-03-10
ACTION-2998 (edit) open Add some additional clarification to the intrinsic sizing part of the spec Doug Schepers 2011-03-10
ACTION-2999 (edit) open Consider intrinsic sizing behavior (particularly when a viewBox is not provided) and follow-up test cases Patrick Dengler 2011-03-10
ACTION-3000 (edit) open Come up with text for automatic image sizing Jonathan Watt 2011-03-10
ACTION-3002 (edit) open Add z-index proposal to SVG 2 Jonathan Watt 2011-03-10 SVG 2
ACTION-3007 (edit) open Coordinate with Fujisawa-san to organise hosting for Tokyo SVG F2F Anthony Grasso 2011-03-11
ACTION-3008 (edit) open Liaise with MS for the F2F meeting around SVG Open Doug Schepers 2011-03-11
ACTION-3015 (edit) open Work on a proposal for markup conventions for reviewing/porting spec text Doug Schepers 2011-03-30
ACTION-3016 (edit) open Find out if canon can host an svg wg f2f in osaka (colocated with css) Anthony Grasso 2011-04-13
ACTION-3032 (edit) open Officially respond to Tab's comments on SVG Compositing LC. Anthony Grasso 2011-05-05
ACTION-3033 (edit) open Rename the clip-to-self property to comp-op-region. Anthony Grasso 2011-05-05
ACTION-3034 (edit) open Add a note to enable-background new value to say that the x/y/width/height values have no effect. Anthony Grasso 2011-05-05
ACTION-3036 (edit) open Propose new wording for knock-out. Anthony Grasso 2011-05-05
ACTION-3037 (edit) open Split the comp-op values into two sections, Porter Duff and Blending in Section 5 of the Last Call specification. Anthony Grasso 2011-05-05
ACTION-3038 (edit) open Publish the test suite and implementation report at the same time SVG 1.1 2nd edition goes to PR. Cameron McCormack 2011-05-12
ACTION-3041 (edit) open Set up a poll to have two options: set date for the Japan meeting (right after CSS WG F2F) and a meeting in Redmond/Seatle with a few dates. Doug Schepers 2011-05-12
ACTION-3043 (edit) open Announce SVG 1.1 SE LC Doug Schepers 2011-05-19
ACTION-3046 (edit) open Send emails to the stakeholder mailing lists (www-svg & svg Yahoo developers) lists to solicit feedback on the high priority features the group should take on, preferably with use cases and requirements. Doug Schepers 2011-06-02
ACTION-3052 (edit) open Collect examples for glyph positioning and compare existing to proposed SVG syntax to handle them Rik Cabanier 2011-06-23
ACTION-3055 (edit) open Email Peter Linss to coordinate on using the test harness in the SVG WG. Cameron McCormack 2011-06-30
ACTION-3062 (edit) open Respond to "ICC profiles and compositing" mail on www-svg Chris Lilley 2011-07-15 Module: Color
ACTION-3063 (edit) open Make SVG Color changes due to Chris Lilley 2011-07-15 Module: Color
ACTION-3065 (edit) open Ask the public list and a11y people about title/tooltips Doug Schepers 2011-07-21
ACTION-3066 (edit) open Make a proposal for ISSUE-2415, empty <title> element Doug Schepers 2011-07-21
ACTION-3067 (edit) open Reply to Klaus on www-svg about empty <title> Doug Schepers 2011-07-21
ACTION-3073 (edit) open Define how to use <glyphRef>'s glyphRef attribute to point to an openType glyph and make sure it works with the different openType format variations. Rik Cabanier 2011-08-03
ACTION-3074 (edit) open Work with vhardy and text experts on x/y positioning and altGlyphDef and altGlyph. Rik Cabanier 2011-08-03
ACTION-3075 (edit) open Create a proposal for "Groovy Text", i.e., a solution for easily provide the graphical rendering of a piece of text with SVG graphics. Doug Schepers 2011-08-03
ACTION-3076 (edit) open Come up with API proposal for exposing glyph path data. Cameron McCormack 2011-08-03
ACTION-3078 (edit) open Contact Israel about path warping information. Cameron McCormack 2011-08-03
ACTION-3079 (edit) open Contact Nathan Hurst about lib2geom for information about path warping. Cameron McCormack 2011-08-03
ACTION-3080 (edit) open File a bug on DOMCore to remind Anne about the event move. Cameron McCormack 2011-08-03
ACTION-3081 (edit) open Work with charles pritchard to propose a canvas function that uses svg paths Tab Atkins Jr. 2011-08-03
ACTION-3082 (edit) open Investigate ISSUE-2419 (drawing SVG subtrees to canvas) Cameron McCormack 2011-08-03
ACTION-3083 (edit) open Propose a new API for constructing svg trees Doug Schepers 2011-08-03
ACTION-3085 (edit) open Make a Catmull Rom editor that takes variable tension parameters. Doug Schepers 2011-08-04
ACTION-3086 (edit) open Suggest audio-volume control properties to CSS WG Doug Schepers 2011-08-04
ACTION-3087 (edit) open Put on the FXTF agenda, discussion about HTML positioning in SVG and contact dbaron Erik Dahlström 2011-08-04
ACTION-3088 (edit) open Illustrate the three options put forward by Tab in the SVG/HTML integration proposal Dirk Schulze 2011-08-04
ACTION-3089 (edit) open Propose auto viewBox sizing and SVG container box sizing for bare <svg> in HTML Jennifer Yu 2011-08-04
ACTION-3091 (edit) open Upload the tests for complex text cases Cameron McCormack 2011-08-04
ACTION-3092 (edit) open Collect the events from SVG as a delta with respect to HTML Erik Dahlström 2011-08-04
ACTION-3093 (edit) open Add a note to the SVG spec about ISSUE-2176 Cameron McCormack 2011-08-05
ACTION-3095 (edit) open Go through the last few f2f minutes to find resolutions for SVG2 items, and add them to the wiki page. Erik Dahlström 2011-08-05
ACTION-3096 (edit) open Update the coon's mesh proposal to make it both a geometric primitive and a paint server. Tavmjong Bah 2011-08-05
ACTION-3097 (edit) open Propose wording for the edge case where a radialGradient's focal point sits on the edge of the circle and the gradient repeats. the spec. should say that when the focal point is on the circle edge, with repeat, then the distance between the first and last stop for the repeating colors is 0 and the paint should generate a color that is the average of all the gradient stops. Erik Dahlström 2011-08-05
ACTION-3098 (edit) open Provide spec. wording for the fr attribute on <radialGradient> Erik Dahlström 2011-08-05
ACTION-3103 (edit) open Make a wiki proposal page for polar/star/polygon/path extensions Doug Schepers 2011-08-06
ACTION-3104 (edit) open Add color keywords for referencing color from referencing elements to SVG 2 Doug Schepers 2011-08-18
ACTION-3105 (edit) open Make a proposal to define default behavior for markers in terms of new color keywords Doug Schepers 2011-08-18
ACTION-3106 (edit) open Write up wiki proposal for shapePath Doug Schepers 2011-08-18
ACTION-3107 (edit) open Write a wiki proposal to enable the mark being targetted by pointer events to be identified Doug Schepers 2011-08-18
ACTION-3108 (edit) open Look into support for easily searching actions Doug Schepers 2011-08-18
ACTION-3112 (edit) open Go through jwatt's SVG regret page and add any feature from there to our requirements wiki page Cameron McCormack 2011-08-25
ACTION-3113 (edit) open Look into fixing the 1.1F2 PDF Cameron McCormack 2011-08-27
ACTION-3117 (edit) open Go over recent email threads on requirements (strokes for example) and add to the requirements wiki page. Chris Lilley 2011-09-29
ACTION-3118 (edit) open Document the changes around namespace handling in SVG 2.0 (id, base, attributes, etc..). Chris Lilley 2011-09-29
ACTION-3119 (edit) open Raise issues on things that are currently broken in the DOM design. Erik Dahlström 2011-09-29
ACTION-3121 (edit) open Edit the SVG 2.0 spec. and add the gradient mesh specification. Tavmjong Bah 2011-09-29
ACTION-3122 (edit) open Assess required changes to SVG 2.0 text section to complete resolution Cameron McCormack 2011-09-29
ACTION-3123 (edit) open Add CSS spec. dependencies in the reference section and add proper usage from within the specification text. Chris Lilley 2011-09-29
ACTION-3124 (edit) open Propose API for Dirk Schulze 2011-09-29
ACTION-3128 (edit) open Make the changes to the SVG 2.0 spec. for Chris Lilley 2011-09-29
ACTION-3131 (edit) open Edit the spec. to broaden the references in SVG (any use of href, e.g., a gradient from another SVG fragment). Cameron McCormack 2011-09-29
ACTION-3132 (edit) open Prepare some slides on SVG2 for SVG Open 2011 Doug Schepers 2011-10-06
ACTION-3134 (edit) open Publish the SVG Integration spec as FPWD adding the list of already known comments Doug Schepers 2011-10-06
ACTION-3136 (edit) open Investigate the Component Model for SVG re sXBL use cases after 11 Nov 2011 Doug Schepers 2011-10-20
ACTION-3139 (edit) open Gather and write up a proposal for improving SVG DOM Cameron McCormack 2011-10-20
ACTION-3140 (edit) open Work up a shared path edge / superpath proposal Chris Lilley 2011-10-20
ACTION-3141 (edit) open Tease out the different functionality from the "Declarative drawing" requirements entry Erik Dahlström 2011-10-20
ACTION-3144 (edit) open Add a weight attribute to the connectors spec Doug Schepers 2011-10-27
ACTION-3145 (edit) open Add attribute for auto straight/curved lines between nodes to the connectors spec Doug Schepers 2011-10-27
ACTION-3146 (edit) open Ask about PDFs using non-grid gradient meshes Gaurav Jain 2011-10-27
ACTION-3147 (edit) open Update the mesh gradients page with these resolutions Tavmjong Bah 2011-10-27
ACTION-3148 (edit) open Tell Cameron what is wrong with the table generating scripts for Integration Doug Schepers 2011-10-27
ACTION-3150 (edit) open Write up a simple variable width stroke proposal Cameron McCormack 2011-11-02
ACTION-3151 (edit) open Propose a simpler arc path command, possibly angle relative like the turtle graphics commands. Cameron McCormack 2011-11-02
ACTION-3152 (edit) open Write up a wiki page on SVG2 editing and procedure Erik Dahlström 2011-11-03
ACTION-3154 (edit) open Add a section to the Requirements document about general approaches Cameron McCormack 2011-11-03
ACTION-3157 (edit) open Investigate whether more than use would benefit from relaxing reference requirements so that "blah.svg" refers to the root element Cyril Concolato 2011-11-04
ACTION-3158 (edit) open Look at global attributes Chris Lilley 2011-11-04
ACTION-3159 (edit) open Reply to alex explaining how wide gamut colours and flourewscent/metallic printing are accomodated in SVG color Chris Lilley 2011-11-04
ACTION-3161 (edit) open Write up summary of inkscape's non-scaling features, as possible candidates for svg2 Tavmjong Bah 2011-11-04
ACTION-3162 (edit) open Put the stroke-position proposal into the SVG2 spec Cameron McCormack 2011-11-04
ACTION-3163 (edit) open Update the stroke-dash-adjust proposal to address the edge-cases mentioned in the above resolution Cameron McCormack 2011-11-04
ACTION-3164 (edit) open Review the Parameters specs and comment appropriately Cameron McCormack 2011-11-04
ACTION-3165 (edit) open Edit the Advanced Gradients requirements document to include support for smooth gradients Cyril Concolato 2011-11-04
ACTION-3167 (edit) open Talk to map and CGM people about requirements for dashing and shared path edges Chris Lilley 2011-11-05
ACTION-3169 (edit) open Find out whether filters with enable-background are implemented on mobile Jennifer Yu 2011-11-10
ACTION-3172 (edit) open Check the status of opera support for type 14 CMAP in opentype fonts Erik Dahlström 2011-11-11
ACTION-3173 (edit) open Contact OpenStreetMap people to participate in the Mapping TF Doug Schepers 2011-11-11
ACTION-3175 (edit) open Talk to the EXI WG about requirements for element based syntax for svg Jun Fujisawa 2011-11-11
ACTION-3177 (edit) open Ensure current markup rules linked from tav's wiki page on editing Cameron McCormack 2011-11-11
ACTION-3178 (edit) open Add HTML video/audio elements to SVG 2 Doug Schepers 2011-11-11
ACTION-3180 (edit) open Propose wording changes and write tests for text metrics with display: none Cameron McCormack 2011-12-15
ACTION-3181 (edit) open Reply on trailing semicolon thread Erik Dahlström 2011-12-15
ACTION-3187 (edit) open Ask Vincent for feedback on the spec styling Tavmjong Bah 2011-12-22
ACTION-3188 (edit) open Write up a brief summary of what a half toning feature would look like Tavmjong Bah 2011-12-22
ACTION-3189 (edit) open Get clarification from Olaf on what his advanced pattern request is Tavmjong Bah 2011-12-22
ACTION-3190 (edit) open Summarize the discussions about hittesting with alpha from the FX list Erik Dahlström 2011-12-29
ACTION-3191 (edit) open Investigate how html5 drag&drop could be used in svg Cameron McCormack 2011-12-29
ACTION-3192 (edit) open Investigate what document wide events would make sense to apply to svg documents too Cameron McCormack 2011-12-29
ACTION-3193 (edit) open Send SVG social agenda to the Doug Schepers 2012-01-12
ACTION-3195 (edit) open Coordinate with Hixie on the right specification to add allowing SVG content, in metadata mode, in the <head> element of an HTML document. Doug Schepers 2012-01-12
ACTION-3197 (edit) open Write up a short description of Tiling and layering and use-cases for it Chris Lilley 2012-01-18
ACTION-3198 (edit) open Write up general use-cases (mapping and other) for constrained transformations, aka transform=ref(...) Chris Lilley 2012-01-18
ACTION-3207 (edit) open Describe using shorthand properties as presentation attributes in spec Cameron McCormack 2012-01-20
ACTION-3208 (edit) open Contact Dr. Olaf Hoffmann to ask what is specifically required to make to-animation similar to CSS transitions Cameron McCormack 2012-01-20
ACTION-3209 (edit) open Write up a proposal for allowing linear interpolation of properties that were previously discrete but could be reasonably interpolated linearly Chris Lilley 2012-01-20
ACTION-3212 (edit) open Continue to work on test suite linking mechanism for new harness Chris Lilley 2012-01-20
ACTION-3215 (edit) open Revise getBBoxof proposal based on this discussion Cameron McCormack 2012-01-20
ACTION-3216 (edit) open Check in an example on how to use the testharness.js Erik Dahlström 2012-01-20
ACTION-3219 (edit) open Review the CSS3 UI, CSS3 Images and Shadow DOM specs Erik Dahlström 2012-01-20
ACTION-3225 (edit) open Write scripts showing how a shim could bridge the old and new behaviors for content under unknown elements. Doug Schepers 2012-01-21
ACTION-3228 (edit) open Make css3 background and border tests Erik Dahlström 2012-01-26
ACTION-3229 (edit) open Look into the repeating while preserving aspect ratio before repeating Chris Lilley 2012-01-26
ACTION-3230 (edit) open Mail brian about thesvgt 1.2 animation items Cameron McCormack 2012-01-26
ACTION-3233 (edit) open Review the Transform chapter of SVG Tiny 1.2 to see what needs to be ported to SVG 2 or the FX Transform spec Chris Lilley 2012-02-09
ACTION-3234 (edit) open Check if any changes in the path syntax BNF in 1.2 Tiny need to be ported in 1.1 Erik Dahlström 2012-02-09
ACTION-3235 (edit) open Check if any change in the basic shapes chapter need to be ported to SVG 2 Chris Lilley 2012-02-09
ACTION-3236 (edit) open Add the SVG Tiny 1.2 text on characters and glyphs, text layout, text selection, text search to SVG 2 Chris Lilley 2012-02-09
ACTION-3246 (edit) open Will edit the wiki page and mention how to add license and copyright Chris Lilley 2012-03-15
ACTION-3247 (edit) open Merge the svg1.1se and svgt1.2 fragment identifier text and consider adding in media fragments for partial images Chris Lilley 2012-03-15
ACTION-3248 (edit) open Will verify that xlink:href won't introduce security issues on foreignObject Erik Dahlström 2012-03-15
ACTION-3251 (edit) open Will look at data feedback for SMIL and stays in contact with David Cameron McCormack 2012-03-29
ACTION-3256 (edit) open Propose an update to masking for luminance and alpha and pointing directly at images Chris Lilley 2012-04-26
ACTION-3259 (edit) open Create a test guideline page, mentioning rectangles and linking to template file Cameron McCormack 2012-04-26
ACTION-3260 (edit) open Work with Chris to get test suite manifest scripts working Tavmjong Bah 2012-04-26
ACTION-3261 (edit) open Work with chris to create the test manifest Tavmjong Bah 2012-04-26
ACTION-3262 (edit) open Mail HTML WG with path API comments Cameron McCormack 2012-04-26
ACTION-3269 (edit) open Propose a property for making text decorations rotate or not Cameron McCormack 2012-05-03
ACTION-3270 (edit) open The mail from EXI WG on the current status of the verbose path notation Chris Lilley 2012-05-03
ACTION-3272 (edit) open Bring up SVG elements in HTML namespace in WHATWG Tab Atkins Jr. 2012-05-14
ACTION-3273 (edit) open Actually do his SVG DOM proposal action, assuming we will use an opt-in switch Cameron McCormack 2012-05-14
ACTION-3276 (edit) open Edit SVG2 to make presentation attribute values case insensitive Cameron McCormack 2012-05-14
ACTION-3277 (edit) open Edit SVG2 to add HTML's style element attributes to SVG's style element Cameron McCormack 2012-05-14
ACTION-3278 (edit) open Edit SVG2 to add onhashchange and other appropriate HTML document wide events Cameron McCormack 2012-05-14
ACTION-3280 (edit) open Add async/defer to SVG script element Cameron McCormack 2012-05-14
ACTION-3281 (edit) open Migrate SVG2's baseline-related properties to use those defined in css3-linebox Cameron McCormack 2012-05-14
ACTION-3282 (edit) open Define scripting model for SVG2 to be compatible with HTML5 Cameron McCormack 2012-05-14
ACTION-3283 (edit) open Edit SVG2 to move SVG event listener attributes to Element Cameron McCormack 2012-05-14
ACTION-3289 (edit) open Raise these issues about SVG-in-OpenType and get somebody to write up a proposal to send to the CG list Cameron McCormack 2012-05-15
ACTION-3290 (edit) open Dig out thread on WHATWG on webworkers and canvas and comment on it Rik Cabanier 2012-05-15
ACTION-3292 (edit) open Write a filter primitive proposal Tavmjong Bah 2012-05-15
ACTION-3293 (edit) open Work out the details of the extrapolated stroke join Tab Atkins Jr. 2012-05-15
ACTION-3294 (edit) open define text decoration more precisely Cameron McCormack 2012-05-16 text-decoration-def
ACTION-3296 (edit) open Investigate having a hidden button to turn mathjax rendering off Cameron McCormack 2012-05-31
ACTION-3299 (edit) open Will look into how removing GlyphOrientationHorizontalProperty would influence the web Cameron McCormack 2012-06-07
ACTION-3301 (edit) open Will change behavior to CSS way for overflow: auto Cameron McCormack 2012-06-07
ACTION-3302 (edit) open Will work on usecases for overflow-x/-y Cameron McCormack 2012-06-07
ACTION-3304 (edit) open Trim out content which is in CSS3 colour and reference CSS3 colour instead Chris Lilley 2012-06-14
ACTION-3305 (edit) open Ask the CSS WG what's happening with the object model Erik Dahlström 2012-06-14
ACTION-3306 (edit) open Specify that non-scaling stroke applies to markers also Cameron McCormack 2012-06-14
ACTION-3307 (edit) open Will stub out suspendRedraw, unsuspendRedraw, unsuspendRedrawAll - return value must be specified Erik Dahlström 2012-06-14
ACTION-3309 (edit) open Update the svg2 test template to be in sync with the agreed format in Tavmjong Bah 2012-06-21
ACTION-3310 (edit) open Will include SVG inline in html case in SVG 2 Doug Schepers 2012-06-28
ACTION-3312 (edit) open Work on the script for table generation in SVG Integration Cameron McCormack 2012-07-05
ACTION-3313 (edit) open Clarify bbox position for 0-sized (non-rendered) elements in SVG2 Doug Schepers 2012-07-05
ACTION-3316 (edit) open Get a spec setup for building the new spec for attribute to property promotion Cameron McCormack 2012-07-30
ACTION-3317 (edit) open Add to the SVG 2 spec a mention about the separate spec on SVG attribute to property promotion Cameron McCormack 2012-07-30
ACTION-3322 (edit) open Incorporate ID-less referencing into the SVG 2 specification Brian Birtles 2014-09-30
ACTION-3323 (edit) open Work out things on cutting down xml:space stuff on text and figure things out with the CSS WG Chris Lilley 2012-07-31
ACTION-3325 (edit) open Atkins to take HTML and Iframe view-box property to the CSS working group Tab Atkins Jr. 2012-07-31
ACTION-3327 (edit) open Rewrite the SVG2 Concepts chapter to make more sense in 2012 Chris Lilley 2012-08-01
ACTION-3328 (edit) open Add the drag & drop functionality to SVG2 Erik Dahlström 2012-08-01
ACTION-3331 (edit) open Add back property definition tables Cameron McCormack 2012-08-01
ACTION-3334 (edit) open Define "default object size" so that css3-images <image> works for SVG paints Cameron McCormack 2012-08-01
ACTION-3336 (edit) open Propose SVGAnimatedLength improvements Cameron McCormack 2012-08-01
ACTION-3338 (edit) open Ask JonF why mask doesn't have transform Kelvin Lawrence 2012-08-16
ACTION-3341 (edit) open Is going to look into conflicts between the model of tab index and navigation Doug Schepers 2012-08-30
ACTION-3343 (edit) open Write requirement for zoom and pan for accessibility Kelvin Lawrence 2012-08-30
ACTION-3347 (edit) open Investigate and expand on the proposal of sub region clipping for Filter Effects Dirk Schulze 2012-09-06
ACTION-3349 (edit) open Look at the url spec or find out what we need to reference to make sure url fragments have a well defined encoding and decoding Cameron McCormack 2012-09-06
ACTION-3350 (edit) open Update preserveApsectRatio in view specification to allow commas Cameron McCormack 2012-09-06
ACTION-3351 (edit) open Email the HTML and WhatWG working groups to ask if there any problems related to adding the HTML link element into SVG Cameron McCormack 2012-09-24
ACTION-3355 (edit) open Propose to the HTML WG that the 7 argument form of arcTo be replaced with an ellipseTo method Tab Atkins Jr. 2012-09-24
ACTION-3357 (edit) open Prepare a proposal for supporting lengths/percentages in paths and polylines Dirk Schulze 2012-09-24
ACTION-3358 (edit) open Produce a proposal for expanded element syntax for paths (including finding the results of testing improved compression ratios with the expanded syntax) Chris Lilley 2012-09-24
ACTION-3359 (edit) open Amend the definition of fill,stroke in SVG to allow the CSS <image> type Tab Atkins Jr. 2012-09-24
ACTION-3360 (edit) open Look into allowing CSS <image> values in in="" and in2="" Dirk Schulze 2012-09-24
ACTION-3361 (edit) open Work with Dirk to spec out a noise() <image> value Tab Atkins Jr. 2012-09-24
ACTION-3363 (edit) open Send a mail to a suitable mailing list about defining the filter region for filter shorthands (so we can define masks to include the filtered result) Erik Dahlström 2012-09-25
ACTION-3365 (edit) open Propose the aliasing of current-color to currentColor with the CSS WG Chris Lilley 2012-09-25
ACTION-3366 (edit) open Work on event handling on connectors Doug Schepers 2012-09-25
ACTION-3367 (edit) open Coordinate with Inkscape folks on their connector stuff Doug Schepers 2012-09-25
ACTION-3368 (edit) open Work with Tav on the star proposal Doug Schepers 2012-09-25
ACTION-3369 (edit) open Write up a proposal for iframe like syntax in SVG Satoru Takagi 2012-09-25 SVG 2
ACTION-3370 (edit) open Write up a proposal for overflow and panning Cameron McCormack 2012-09-25
ACTION-3373 (edit) open Search for uses of <animateColor> on the web. Tab Atkins Jr. 2012-09-25
ACTION-3376 (edit) open Write up a proposal for a triangular representation for gradient meshes Cyril Concolato 2012-09-26
ACTION-3378 (edit) open Add href on all elements with xlink:href and add src to image and script Cameron McCormack 2012-09-26
ACTION-3379 (edit) open Make SVGMarkerList item method return an exception when the index is out of range Cameron McCormack 2012-09-26
ACTION-3380 (edit) open Make the SVGPoint changes to take a mouse event in the constructor Cameron McCormack 2012-09-26
ACTION-3382 (edit) open Think about a compound paint server proposal Tab Atkins Jr. 2012-09-26
ACTION-3384 (edit) open Write up how SVG types should work with CSS OM objects Tab Atkins Jr. 2012-09-26
ACTION-3385 (edit) open Add notes to {shape,text}-rendering auto to mention not doing pixel snapping when animating Doug Schepers 2012-09-26
ACTION-3386 (edit) open Add the r="" proposal to SVG 2. Doug Schepers 2012-09-26
ACTION-3387 (edit) open Extend rx/ry on rect to allow lists of values. Chris Lilley 2012-09-26
ACTION-3388 (edit) open Investigate paper.js' arcThrough Tab Atkins Jr. 2012-09-26
ACTION-3390 (edit) open Come up with a proposal for isPointInElement and pointer events Cameron McCormack 2012-10-11
ACTION-3391 (edit) open Will also investigate in getElementsByPoint Cameron McCormack 2012-10-11
ACTION-3400 (edit) open Backport content model wording from 1.2T to SVG2 Erik Dahlström 2012-11-22
ACTION-3402 (edit) open Reply to Dirk's recent marker-pattern proposal Cameron McCormack 2012-12-13
ACTION-3403 (edit) open Reply to Dr Olaf's thread to ask for clarification on the proposal, whether the "x" or whatever closing idea might solve it Doug Schepers 2012-12-13
ACTION-3405 (edit) open Allocate chunks of the test suite for different people to review Cameron McCormack 2012-12-27
ACTION-3406 (edit) open Follow up that scripted tests can go in repository Cameron McCormack 2012-12-27
ACTION-3407 (edit) open Make a concrete proposal for associating text with graphics Cameron McCormack 2012-12-27
ACTION-3408 (edit) open Ensure the specification explicitly disallows the element that mpath references from looking at the motion animation of that element Brian Birtles 2013-01-17
ACTION-3410 (edit) open Investigate xml base, and other xml attributes in the IDL and whether they're implemented Cameron McCormack 2013-01-17
ACTION-3411 (edit) open Add a sentence to the changes section regarding requirement one (about requirements) Cameron McCormack 2013-02-10
ACTION-3412 (edit) open Fix spec to remove need for xml namespace prefix Cyril Concolato 2013-02-10
ACTION-3413 (edit) open Investigate describing use in terms of the shadow DOM Cyril Concolato 2013-02-10
ACTION-3418 (edit) open Mail HTML people about moving data to Element Cameron McCormack 2013-02-11
ACTION-3419 (edit) open Follow-up aligning with global HTML attributes in SVG Cameron McCormack 2013-02-11
ACTION-3420 (edit) open Add non-scaling stroke to SVG2 Erik Dahlström 2013-02-11
ACTION-3422 (edit) open Specify shared-path segments Cyril Concolato 2013-02-11
ACTION-3423 (edit) open Write up examples and text for marker-mask Cameron McCormack 2013-02-11
ACTION-3424 (edit) open Look at how to attach a path or shape object to an SVG path element Rik Cabanier 2013-02-11
ACTION-3425 (edit) open Edit the SVG 2 spec to add the possibility to set the d attribute using a Path object Rik Cabanier 2013-02-11
ACTION-3426 (edit) open Add the extendPath and addPath methods to the SVG 2 Rik Cabanier 2013-02-11
ACTION-3427 (edit) open Add new procedural methods for catmull-rom Rik Cabanier 2013-02-11
ACTION-3428 (edit) open Specify the stringifier method for the Path object Rik Cabanier 2013-02-11
ACTION-3429 (edit) open Spec the setting/getting of an array of floats for path handling Brian Birtles 2013-02-11
ACTION-3430 (edit) open Insure that the text chapter talks about baseline in terms of CSS features Cameron McCormack 2013-02-11
ACTION-3432 (edit) open Edit SVG 2 to add the iframe, canvas, video elements Satoru Takagi 2013-02-12
ACTION-3433 (edit) open Discuss iframes with media queries with CSS WG Brian Birtles 2013-02-12
ACTION-3434 (edit) open Think about glyph selection and positioning Cameron McCormack 2013-02-12
ACTION-3435 (edit) open Propose drawImage with SVGSVGElement to the public canvas mailing list Erik Dahlström 2013-02-12
ACTION-3436 (edit) open Investigate the model for constrained transforms Shane Stephens 2013-02-12
ACTION-3437 (edit) open Investigate currentTranslate and currentScale on inner svg elements Shane Stephens 2013-02-12
ACTION-3438 (edit) open Specify how the zoom media query would work with HTML as well Satoru Takagi 2013-02-13
ACTION-3440 (edit) open Create a module to define SVG border brushes Rik Cabanier 2013-02-13
ACTION-3443 (edit) open Define how #t= is interpeted in Web Animations. Brian Birtles 2013-02-14
ACTION-3446 (edit) open Add a string accessor on SVG animated length and to make 'calc', 'attr' and 'var' work Cameron McCormack 2013-02-14
ACTION-3447 (edit) open Update SVGAnimatedAngle as well Cameron McCormack 2013-02-14
ACTION-3448 (edit) open Clarify the behaviour of unknown elements in SVG 2. Cameron McCormack 2013-02-14
ACTION-3449 (edit) open Do the "Improve the fallback mechanism using switch" requirement. Erik Dahlström 2013-02-14
ACTION-3450 (edit) open Do the "Provide positioning information in MouseEvents" SVG 2 requirement. Cameron McCormack 2013-02-14
ACTION-3451 (edit) open Do the "Support CSS3 image-fit" SVG 2 requirement. Erik Dahlström 2013-02-14
ACTION-3452 (edit) open Align SVG 2 with css3-values. Cameron McCormack 2013-02-14
ACTION-3455 (edit) open Investgate making the canvas font metrics interface without needing a <canvas> element. Rik Cabanier 2013-02-14
ACTION-3457 (edit) open Investigate HTML global attributes. Cameron McCormack 2013-02-15
ACTION-3458 (edit) open Do the "Clarify that svgz should be as usable everywhere svg files can" SVG 2 requirement. Erik Dahlström 2013-02-15
ACTION-3459 (edit) open Investigate easier path animations. Shane Stephens 2013-02-15
ACTION-3460 (edit) open Do the "Add the features of the SVG Tiny 1.2 animation element but not the element itself" SVG 2 requirement. Cyril Concolato 2013-02-15
ACTION-3461 (edit) open Look into whether Progress Events should fire on <image>. Cyril Concolato 2013-02-15
ACTION-3462 (edit) open Do the "Adopt improved SVG Tiny 1.2 text on hit testing and event processing" SVG 2 requirement. Erik Dahlström 2013-02-15
ACTION-3463 (edit) open Do the 104, 105, 106, 107 SVG 2 requirements. Erik Dahlström 2013-02-15
ACTION-3464 (edit) open Add relaxed document error handling to SVG 2. Cameron McCormack 2013-02-15
ACTION-3469 (edit) open Propose hit-testing/pointer-events spec to CSS WG Doug Schepers 2013-03-07
ACTION-3471 (edit) open Follow up on getting the SVG2 WD published, run linkchecker etc Erik Dahlström 2013-03-14
ACTION-3472 (edit) open And krit to work together on an unbound filter proposal Erik Dahlström 2013-03-14
ACTION-3473 (edit) open Work together on an unbound filter proposal Dirk Schulze 2013-03-14
ACTION-3475 (edit) open Ask HTML WG and Anne to add activeElement to their spec Richard Schwerdtfeger 2013-03-14
ACTION-3476 (edit) open Fix the definition XML file for filter effects in SVG 2. Point to a specific published version. Erik Dahlström 2013-03-28
ACTION-3483 (edit) open Figure out if we should use sRGB or DeviceRGB on SVG Dirk Schulze 2013-04-11
ACTION-3484 (edit) open Invite IDPF people to a SVG telcon Doug Schepers 2013-04-11
ACTION-3486 (edit) open Talk to CSS WG about the use cases for pointer-events in SVG Erik Dahlström 2013-04-18
ACTION-3489 (edit) open Write to write a test suite for text length Thomas Smailus 2013-04-25
ACTION-3493 (edit) open Define how HTML in foreignObject works Erik Dahlström 2013-05-23
ACTION-3495 (edit) open Review tabindex changes Cameron McCormack 2013-05-23
ACTION-3496 (edit) open Integrate the marker resolutions in the spec Cameron McCormack 2013-06-10
ACTION-3498 (edit) open note those things that create a stacking context in the spec Rik Cabanier 2013-06-10
ACTION-3499 (edit) open Gather ideas for solving IDPF issues and send that as a liaison Cameron McCormack 2013-06-10
ACTION-3500 (edit) open Put multiple fills/strokes in SVG 2. Tavmjong Bah 2013-06-10
ACTION-3502 (edit) open Talk to Doug, Anne, Boris and Roc about resource handling security in SVG and ask for review of the model Dirk Schulze 2013-06-11
ACTION-3503 (edit) open Investigate the issues that require the global coordinate system feature Brian Birtles 2013-06-11
ACTION-3505 (edit) open Draft some wording for recommended scaling techniques in SVG 2 Tavmjong Bah 2013-06-11
ACTION-3506 (edit) open Write up a note text for discontinued specs Cameron McCormack 2013-06-20
ACTION-3509 (edit) open Make the text wrapping changes to the spec Tavmjong Bah 2013-07-04
ACTION-3510 (edit) open Will make getSubstringLength not take other text metrics into account and returns unscaled text length in spec Cameron McCormack 2013-07-18
ACTION-3511 (edit) open Modify spec to Scale text to 1 dimension on textLength=0 Cameron McCormack 2013-07-18
ACTION-3512 (edit) open Change spec to set minumum textLength to width of wides glyph whenlengthAdjust=spacing Cameron McCormack 2013-07-18
ACTION-3518 (edit) open Specify how to calculate automatic filter region for unbounded primitives Dirk Schulze 2013-08-22
ACTION-3519 (edit) open Add filter function data type for declarative animations (to the filter effects spec) Dirk Schulze 2013-08-29
ACTION-3522 (edit) open Propose an attribute to control convolution/lighting kernel size working on css or device pixels Dirk Schulze 2013-09-05
ACTION-3523 (edit) open Investigate the xlink:href, href, and src ordering in terms of fallback behavior and mail the list Cameron McCormack 2013-09-12
ACTION-3524 (edit) open Discuss with doug and look at merging text from his connectors proposal in with doug's proposal Tavmjong Bah 2013-09-19
ACTION-3525 (edit) open Email the css wg regarding the naming of paint-order Cameron McCormack 2013-09-19
ACTION-3527 (edit) open Email svg mailing lists and propose shutting down public-svg Doug Schepers 2013-09-26
ACTION-3528 (edit) open Submit test cases for non-scaling-stroke/markers in patterns and mail the list Erik Dahlström 2013-09-26
ACTION-3529 (edit) open Query adobe for concerns relating to non-scaling-stroke/markers in patterns and mail the list Rik Cabanier 2013-09-26
ACTION-3530 (edit) open Allow U+000C as white space in attributes Cameron McCormack 2013-10-02 ws-ff
ACTION-3535 (edit) open Look at the performance class requirements and decide whether to remove points or move them into general requirements Cameron McCormack 2013-11-21
ACTION-3536 (edit) open Review resource priorities specification Cameron McCormack 2013-11-21
ACTION-3538 (edit) open Clarify html content in <desc> and <title> elements Doug Schepers 2013-11-21
ACTION-3539 (edit) open Work with gerardo and tab to come up with haptic, tactile and 3d media queries Doug Schepers 2013-11-21
ACTION-3540 (edit) open Linss deliver document to adapt specs to shepherd Peter Sorotokin 2013-11-21
ACTION-3545 (edit) open Change nearestviewportelement/furthestviewportelement to be element Dirk Schulze 2013-11-21
ACTION-3546 (edit) open Add piece commands to svg 2 specification Cyril Concolato 2013-11-22
ACTION-3547 (edit) open Investigate how lighting filter outputs work when not composited on top of the original thing being lit Dirk Schulze 2013-11-22
ACTION-3549 (edit) open Do these event cleanups Erik Dahlström 2013-11-22
ACTION-3550 (edit) open Add a new buffered-rendering value to support smooth z&p widgets, per these minutes. Cameron McCormack 2013-11-22
ACTION-3554 (edit) open Come up with a proposal for selecting, copy/pasting svg fragments Doug Schepers 2013-12-19
ACTION-3555 (edit) open Propose warning/discontinuation text for svg transforms and other old svg specs Cameron McCormack 2014-01-15
ACTION-3560 (edit) open Create a test case for the test suite covering percentage units resolved against the viewport of the referencing element Dirk Schulze 2014-01-23
ACTION-3565 (edit) open Propose something for marking up graphics with equivalent text Cameron McCormack 2014-02-06
ACTION-3566 (edit) open Think of text to clarify whether transforms are taken into account with % objectboundingbox values in resource elements Tavmjong Bah 2014-02-06
ACTION-3567 (edit) open Add ref to html5 for attr reflection Erik Dahlström 2014-02-06
ACTION-3570 (edit) open Write spec text on transforming tspans Cameron McCormack 2014-02-07
ACTION-3571 (edit) open Go through thursday minutes and update requirements page Cameron McCormack 2014-02-07
ACTION-3572 (edit) open Break his presentation out into specific issues that need to be addressed and take it to the mailing list Thomas Smailus 2014-02-07
ACTION-3573 (edit) open Work with smailus to create examples of the issues Chris Lilley 2014-02-07
ACTION-3574 (edit) open Investigate why firefox needs to treat svg as a replaced element Cameron McCormack 2014-02-07
ACTION-3575 (edit) open Create inline svg sizing tests Erik Dahlström 2014-02-07 SVG 2
ACTION-3576 (edit) open Make width and height attributes presentation attributes on the svg element Erik Dahlström 2014-02-07 SVG 2
ACTION-3577 (edit) open Make background-color, padding-*, outline-* apply to svg elements. Doug Schepers 2014-02-07
ACTION-3578 (edit) open Add the new transform(ref) functionality to svg 2 Satoru Takagi 2014-02-07
ACTION-3579 (edit) open Ask somebody what to do about content/shadow inheriting from htmlelement Dirk Schulze 2014-02-07
ACTION-3580 (edit) open Remove <use> element instance tree. Erik Dahlström 2014-02-07
ACTION-3582 (edit) open Ask mike whether we need an rng schema for svg to validate in the validator Doug Schepers 2014-02-08
ACTION-3584 (edit) open Try to get attributes auto marked up for shepherd Cameron McCormack 2014-02-08
ACTION-3585 (edit) open Add grey attribute definition boxes for viewbox and par Cameron McCormack 2014-02-17
ACTION-3586 (edit) open Reword phrases with "should" to "must" for viewbox Cameron McCormack 2014-02-17
ACTION-3587 (edit) open Add a "glyph cell" term. Cameron McCormack 2014-02-17
ACTION-3588 (edit) open Update to reference css3 color, which also adds 'transparent' to <color> Chris Lilley 2014-02-17 SVG 2
ACTION-3589 (edit) open Replace all terms of bounding box with object bounding box. remove the phrase: "meant by the unqualified term bounding box" Dirk Schulze 2014-02-18
ACTION-3592 (edit) open Clarify that duplicate ids resolve to the first element with the id in document order Erik Dahlström 2014-02-20
ACTION-3593 (edit) open Make the spec have id attributes be parsed just like in html/dom. Cameron McCormack 2014-02-20
ACTION-3594 (edit) open Update the spec to clarify behavior of references to elements when they are removed/added from the document Erik Dahlström 2014-02-27
ACTION-3598 (edit) open Change the content model of <canvas> in svg to allow the same child elements as <g>. Cameron McCormack 2014-03-06
ACTION-3602 (edit) open Talk to michael cooper about uag Chris Lilley 2014-04-14
ACTION-3603 (edit) open Publish media access events as a note Cameron McCormack 2014-04-14
ACTION-3604 (edit) open Prepare spec text for pointer-events on root svg elements for svg2 and svg integration spec and make edits Erik Dahlström 2014-04-14 svg, css, and events
ACTION-3605 (edit) open (or pdr) to get tab's feedback on davvel's svg sizing proposal Chris Lilley 2014-04-14
ACTION-3606 (edit) open Figure out the overflow behavior in svg Erik Dahlström 2014-04-14
ACTION-3607 (edit) open Do spec edits for bounding boxes of text elements: give the union of full glyph cells and the painted area, and include text decorations in the bbox (change for getbbox too) Erik Dahlström 2014-04-14
ACTION-3608 (edit) open Talk to alan stearns about adding fallback baseline calculations to the css line layout spec and if they will stay in the spec Dirk Schulze 2014-04-14
ACTION-3610 (edit) open Reply to www-svg mail to say what can be done with existing @media queries and if <picture> exists in svg Cameron McCormack 2014-04-14
ACTION-3612 (edit) open Replace buffered-rendering with will-change in svg2 Brian Birtles 2014-04-15
ACTION-3613 (edit) open Add z-index text to svg 2 specification before feature cut off date Cameron McCormack 2014-04-15
ACTION-3615 (edit) open Write up proposal for clipping sections of path around markers Tavmjong Bah 2014-04-15 SVG 2
ACTION-3619 (edit) open Add vector effects extension proposal to svg 2 specification Satoru Takagi 2014-04-16
ACTION-3620 (edit) open Action rik to provide more css examples in the compositing spec. Rik Cabanier 2014-04-17
ACTION-3621 (edit) open Change the abstract link to svg 1.1 in compositing. Rik Cabanier 2014-04-17
ACTION-3623 (edit) open Deprecate deprecate pixelunittomillimeterx, pixelunittomillimetery, screenpixeltomillimeterx, screenpixeltomillimetery in the spec. Dirk Schulze 2014-05-15
ACTION-3624 (edit) open Modify the sentence in the spec. to allow the globall css keywords like inherit and initial Erik Dahlström 2014-05-15
ACTION-3625 (edit) open Event attributes on graphics and container elements added to svgelement just like htmlelement does Erik Dahlström 2014-05-15
ACTION-3626 (edit) open Review css text decoration and css3 text and compare it with svg Tavmjong Bah 2014-05-29
ACTION-3627 (edit) open Review css text decoration and css3 text and compare it with svg Dirk Schulze 2014-05-29
ACTION-3628 (edit) open Propose clarifications for textlength and <tspan>, and to submit some tests to the svg2 testsuite for this Thomas Smailus 2014-05-29
ACTION-3629 (edit) open Start a page on the general w3c wiki on security Doug Schepers 2014-06-12
ACTION-3635 (edit) open Add ::first-line and ::first-letter to svg 2 Erik Dahlström 2014-08-07
ACTION-3637 (edit) open Summarise what was discussed at switzerland f2f regarding units and percentage values in path commands Doug Schepers 2014-08-21
ACTION-3642 (edit) open Ask inkscape vsw implementor to add catmull-rom interpolation to see what it's like Tavmjong Bah 2014-08-29
ACTION-3645 (edit) open try implementing path data array and get performance numbers Brian Birtles 2014-08-30
ACTION-3647 (edit) open Add math for catmull-rom curves to the spec Cameron McCormack 2014-08-30
ACTION-3648 (edit) open Write up a more concrete proposal for allowing html elements directly in svg (related to Brian Birtles 2014-09-01
ACTION-3650 (edit) open Inform the community why we removed tref and how to solve the use cases Doug Schepers 2014-09-01
ACTION-3651 (edit) open Investigate blending for fill and stroke Tavmjong Bah 2014-09-01
ACTION-3652 (edit) open Add a note to the spec to clarify the use of viewport units versus the use of percentage of viewport Dirk Schulze 2014-09-01
ACTION-3654 (edit) open Make foreignobject paint its box and be a css omroot Cameron McCormack 2014-09-01
ACTION-3656 (edit) open Reword the smiley example text in svg integration Cameron McCormack 2014-09-01
ACTION-3657 (edit) open Come up with hinting proposal for svg Rossen Atanassov 2014-09-02
ACTION-3658 (edit) open Review z-index addition to svg 2 Rik Cabanier 2014-09-02
ACTION-3659 (edit) open Review z-index addition to svg 2 Dirk Schulze 2014-09-02
ACTION-3660 (edit) open Review z-index addition to svg 2 Rossen Atanassov 2014-09-02
ACTION-3661 (edit) open Look at algorithms for path offsetting to support stroke-position Tavmjong Bah 2014-09-02
ACTION-3663 (edit) open Add a couple of svg tests to w-p-t and mail the wg with those examples. Cameron McCormack 2014-09-02
ACTION-3665 (edit) open Gather use cases that might be solved by units in path data Dirk Schulze 2014-09-02
ACTION-3666 (edit) open Take an action to check to make sure on the text layout. Tavmjong Bah 2014-09-11
ACTION-3667 (edit) open Clarify in the text that startoffset is an additional transform to any x or y Tavmjong Bah 2014-09-11
ACTION-3668 (edit) open Investigate how web components work for these custom element definitions that you might be importing from another documen Cameron McCormack 2014-09-11
ACTION-3673 (edit) open Prepare wording for updating the old specs Chris Lilley 2014-10-16
ACTION-3674 (edit) open Spec that calculation of ctms should use double precision Satoru Takagi 2014-11-07
ACTION-3677 (edit) open Make all svg wg specifications discoverable, due december Chris Lilley 2014-11-07
ACTION-3679 (edit) open Follow up on template - file bugs and investigate the stand alone case Brian Birtles 2014-11-07
ACTION-3680 (edit) open Find someone at blink to implement support for all html elements directly in svg Tab Atkins Jr. 2014-11-07
ACTION-3681 (edit) open Help brian describe layout for svg in html integration Tab Atkins Jr. 2014-11-07
ACTION-3682 (edit) open Try putting svg elements in the html namespace in blink and see what breaks Tab Atkins Jr. 2014-11-07
ACTION-3683 (edit) open Add non-scaling patterns to the spec Thomas Smailus 2014-11-07
ACTION-3685 (edit) open Write a test on zoomandpan Thomas Smailus 2014-11-07
ACTION-3686 (edit) open Put together a tutorial telcon for spec and test editting for next telcon. Doug Schepers 2014-11-07
ACTION-3688 (edit) open Write up documentation for directory structure, test naming scheme for the svg tests on web-platform-tests Cameron McCormack 2014-11-27
ACTION-3689 (edit) open Make some tests for gradients on zero-sized bbox Erik Dahlström 2014-11-27
ACTION-3690 (edit) open Look at creating public-svg-logs which bots can post to but humans cannot Doug Schepers 2014-12-18
ACTION-3691 (edit) open Call out transforms working the way we resolved as new feature Erik Dahlström 2015-01-15
ACTION-3692 (edit) open Get tests that would show what implementations are doing with transforms in fragments now Erik Dahlström 2015-01-15
ACTION-3694 (edit) open Add "data-*" attributes notes to spec. Cameron McCormack 2015-01-22
ACTION-3695 (edit) open Fix length to point to types chapter and flag unitless lengths Cameron McCormack 2015-01-22
ACTION-3696 (edit) open Look at applying context-* outside of referenced things. Tavmjong Bah 2015-01-22
ACTION-3699 (edit) open : draft text to implement the resolution just passed re orientation of markers. Cameron McCormack 2015-02-05
ACTION-3700 (edit) open Compose email about intentions to devise the current spec, and move to a more rapid pace of updates Bogdan Brinza 2015-02-05
ACTION-3701 (edit) open Add usage counters to blink to measure usage of animval / baseval Erik Dahlström 2015-02-18
ACTION-3702 (edit) open Write up a list of all new camelcase attributes with a proposal of how to handle them (e.g. rename, keep etc.) Erik Dahlström 2015-02-18
ACTION-3703 (edit) open Change embedded content chapter to allow these things from resolution: allow html nsed elements audio, video, canvas, iframe in an svg subtree as a child of a container element with the containing block being the nearest svg viewport and blockyfied Cameron McCormack 2015-02-19
ACTION-3704 (edit) open Write the svg layout spec Tab Atkins Jr. 2015-02-19
ACTION-3705 (edit) open Convince hixie to make the hmtl parser changes + x/y presentation attributes on the canvas,... elements for svg Tab Atkins Jr. 2015-02-19
ACTION-3706 (edit) open Allow templates in svg which needs html parser changes Tab Atkins Jr. 2015-02-19
ACTION-3707 (edit) open Investigate which html elements like <link> we might want to also allow in svg Cameron McCormack 2015-02-19
ACTION-3708 (edit) open Reference integration spec and update conformance class for html support on foreignobject Cameron McCormack 2015-02-19
ACTION-3709 (edit) open Add stylesheet requirements to the spec Cameron McCormack 2015-02-19
ACTION-3711 (edit) open write tests and come back to the svg for xml:base Cameron McCormack 2015-02-19
ACTION-3714 (edit) open Map xml:space to whitespace property values in css3 text Erik Dahlström 2015-02-19
ACTION-3715 (edit) open Verify that the svgpathseg interface use counter values are correct and to drop the interfaces if they are Erik Dahlström 2015-02-19
ACTION-3723 (edit) open Put this in the presentation attribute section Cameron McCormack 2015-02-19
ACTION-3728 (edit) open Talk to rich about issues 24/25 (terminology around title/desc/aria stuff) Erik Dahlström 2015-02-19
ACTION-3729 (edit) open Talk with pdr and dmitri about how to describe <use> with web components Tab Atkins Jr. 2015-02-19
ACTION-3730 (edit) open Define viewport for external document when an element references an element in this document Erik Dahlström 2015-02-19
ACTION-3732 (edit) open Update presentation property table Cameron McCormack 2015-02-19
ACTION-3734 (edit) open Further develop the protoype including with animation support Jean-Claude Moissinac 2015-02-19
ACTION-3735 (edit) open Add line-join:miter-clip to svg 2. Tavmjong Bah 2015-02-19
ACTION-3736 (edit) open Add the new z behaviour. Tavmjong Bah 2015-02-20
ACTION-3737 (edit) open Update textpath for text on a shape. Tavmjong Bah 2015-02-20
ACTION-3738 (edit) open Mail www-svg about the symbol x/y/width/height issue and report back in two weeks Tavmjong Bah 2015-02-20
ACTION-3739 (edit) open Add a new keyword value to the x and y properties that means use-the-list-of-lengths in the attributes, and set that with the ua stylesheet and add a note to say that it's still an open issue Dirk Schulze 2015-02-20
ACTION-3742 (edit) open Spec behaviour of getbbox on text Cameron McCormack 2015-02-20
ACTION-3746 (edit) open Add use counter for multiple x/y values on text element Erik Dahlström 2015-02-20
ACTION-3747 (edit) open Take care of overflow section in the masking chapter Cameron McCormack 2015-02-20
ACTION-3748 (edit) open Finish css color 4 (with stuff from svg). Tab Atkins Jr. 2015-02-20
ACTION-3749 (edit) open Make miter-limit work on arc line caps in this way Tavmjong Bah 2015-02-20
ACTION-3750 (edit) open Make the text changes from today's meeting Tavmjong Bah 2015-02-20
ACTION-3753 (edit) open Add addendums to the svg readiness table Bogdan Brinza 2015-02-20
ACTION-3754 (edit) open Summarize owners for chapters in Bogdan Brinza 2015-02-20
ACTION-3755 (edit) open Check and remove appendix n: media type registration for image/svg+xml Chris Lilley 2015-02-21
ACTION-3756 (edit) open Define the further steps for appendix e: accessibility support Richard Schwerdtfeger 2015-02-21
ACTION-3757 (edit) open Add <patch type="smooth-bicubic"> to the spec. Tavmjong Bah 2015-02-21
ACTION-3761 (edit) open Add text to say that svgview(transform()) will apply on as an additional outermost transform on the transform stack Amelia Bellamy-Royds 2015-03-05
ACTION-3762 (edit) open Email www-style about :target and view fragments Cameron McCormack 2015-03-05
ACTION-3764 (edit) open Talk to tab about implicit number units in properties Cameron McCormack 2015-03-12
ACTION-3765 (edit) open Add a note about avoiding unitless values Cameron McCormack 2015-03-12
ACTION-3767 (edit) open Help erik test unusual elements inside <use>d subtrees Bogdan Brinza 2015-03-12
ACTION-3768 (edit) open Think of an example of struct.html issue 32 Amelia Bellamy-Royds 2015-03-12
ACTION-3769 (edit) open Add purpose for markup within title/desc Erik Dahlström 2015-03-12
ACTION-3770 (edit) open Add an issue to describe the behaviour of markup within title/desc (regarding line breaking, at least) Erik Dahlström 2015-03-12
ACTION-3772 (edit) open Reply to paul's email regarding bbox reference for paint servers Cameron McCormack 2015-03-19
ACTION-3773 (edit) open Create test case for preserveaspectratio defer Bogdan Brinza 2015-03-26
ACTION-3774 (edit) open Come up with solution for issue 17 in co-ordinates and units Tavmjong Bah 2015-03-26
ACTION-3775 (edit) open Compare focus text in svg spec vs html spec to determine the differences Erik Dahlström 2015-04-02
ACTION-3776 (edit) open Test browser-interoperability with respect to stroke dashing on basic shapes Tavmjong Bah 2015-04-16
ACTION-3779 (edit) open Merge the embedded content and extensibility chapters (removing the ext chapter) Rossen Atanassov 2015-04-23
ACTION-3780 (edit) open Reference css' definition of whitespace for the s production in the animations chapter (issue 2) Rossen Atanassov 2015-04-23
ACTION-3782 (edit) open Remove the 255 character line limit. Rossen Atanassov 2015-04-30
ACTION-3783 (edit) open Write up concrete proposal for handling embedded content html elements in svg Cameron McCormack 2015-04-30
ACTION-3784 (edit) open Produce test cases for clip regarding embedded.html#issue3 Amelia Bellamy-Royds 2015-04-30
ACTION-3785 (edit) open Look into animval/baseval Cameron McCormack 2015-05-07
ACTION-3786 (edit) open Coordinate a gap analysis between features in svg animation and css animations/transitions Cameron McCormack 2015-05-07
ACTION-3787 (edit) open Investigate if #xywh is being implemented Cameron McCormack 2015-05-07
ACTION-3789 (edit) open Resolve issue 2 in linking chapter Bogdan Brinza 2015-05-14
ACTION-3790 (edit) open Resolve issue 5 in linking chapter as part of work on other media fragment actions Cameron McCormack 2015-05-14
ACTION-3791 (edit) open Attempt to align error processing appendix with dom/css error processing and recovery Bogdan Brinza 2015-05-21
ACTION-3792 (edit) open Contact css working group regarding default style rule for transform on root element Cameron McCormack 2015-05-28
ACTION-3793 (edit) open Remove gettransformtoelement Cameron McCormack 2015-06-16
ACTION-3795 (edit) open Make objectboundingbox on meshes cause the path syntax to be interpreted as 0..1 bounding box values Tavmjong Bah 2015-06-16
ACTION-3798 (edit) open Remove feature strings Cameron McCormack 2015-06-16
ACTION-3799 (edit) open Make blue boxes have a separate section for x/y/width/height presentation attributes on rect etc. Cameron McCormack 2015-06-17
ACTION-3800 (edit) open Remove currentview, usecurrentview and svgviewspec Cameron McCormack 2015-06-18
ACTION-3803 (edit) open Update spec to say what auto means for each element that uses it Rossen Atanassov 2015-06-18
ACTION-3806 (edit) open Present a few different ways of defining the list of presentation attributes to support Cameron McCormack 2015-06-19
ACTION-3807 (edit) open Attempt to make text positioning attributes apply to shadow tree content Cameron McCormack 2015-06-19
ACTION-3809 (edit) open Remove par's defer keyword. Cameron McCormack 2015-06-19
ACTION-3810 (edit) open Update the painting chapter about multiple fills/strokes not isolating Dirk Schulze 2015-06-19
ACTION-3811 (edit) open Organise another svg 2 wd publication Cameron McCormack 2015-06-19
ACTION-3812 (edit) open Look at svg spec for references to <use> element, to make sure there is no confusion about implementation/accessibility. Amelia Bellamy-Royds 2015-06-19
ACTION-3817 (edit) open Update the bbox section for html video etc. elements Cameron McCormack 2015-09-03
ACTION-3818 (edit) open Fix bbox for this. Cameron McCormack 2015-09-03
ACTION-3819 (edit) open Review bbox algorithm for the new geometry properties Cameron McCormack 2015-09-03
ACTION-3821 (edit) open Promote d to a property Cameron McCormack 2015-09-03
ACTION-3822 (edit) open Come up with a list of properties to explicitly allow unitless values in Cameron McCormack 2015-10-15
ACTION-3824 (edit) open Add an issue to conformance appendix noting that it needs review/rewriting Cameron McCormack 2015-10-15
ACTION-3825 (edit) open Investigate behaviour of nested links in svg and html Amelia Bellamy-Royds 2015-10-15
ACTION-3826 (edit) open Look at adding extra html attributes onto svg a element Amelia Bellamy-Royds 2015-10-15
ACTION-3827 (edit) open Draft text related to viewtarget and some examples Amelia Bellamy-Royds 2015-11-12
ACTION-3829 (edit) open Clarify that getbbox on tspan/textpath includes only that element's glyphs, but that objectboundingbox values still are computed relative to the entire text element Nikos Andronikos 2016-01-21
ACTION-3830 (edit) open Draft a couple of sentences describing lat/long map data accuracy issue Cameron McCormack 2016-01-21
ACTION-3832 (edit) open Fix the linejoin algorithm to handle parallel miter-clip issue Cameron McCormack 2016-02-10
ACTION-3833 (edit) open Survey whether option 2 or 3 would be better for arcs fallback Tavmjong Bah 2016-02-10
ACTION-3834 (edit) open Ask csswg if disallowing fill rule in path() for d is good Shane Stephens 2016-02-10
ACTION-3835 (edit) open Do thorough check on focus and tabindex in html and circle back with aria group on the results Bogdan Brinza 2016-02-11
ACTION-3836 (edit) open Add non-normative authoring guidance about content precision to conform.html Satoru Takagi 2016-02-12
ACTION-3838 (edit) open Review rendering chapter text re z-index to make compatible with 3d transforms Amelia Bellamy-Royds 2016-04-27
ACTION-3839 (edit) open write up desc nodes being leaves in a structure that can be explored, since they are really only being exposed as plain text. Charles 'chaals' (McCathie) Nevile 2016-04-27
ACTION-3840 (edit) open Expand the definition of tabindex Charles 'chaals' (McCathie) Nevile 2016-04-28
ACTION-3841 (edit) open Update table in render chapter to include overflow behaviour for text Nikos Andronikos 2016-04-29
ACTION-3842 (edit) open Update refx/refy to define what it's all relative to Amelia Bellamy-Royds 2016-04-29
ACTION-3844 (edit) open Have a go at changing systemlanguage to allowreorder by default Doug Schepers 2016-06-09
ACTION-3845 (edit) open Add a note regarding removal of requiredfeatures Amelia Bellamy-Royds 2016-06-09
ACTION-3846 (edit) open Look at github issue #103 on monday Nikos Andronikos 2016-06-16
ACTION-3847 (edit) open Make changes wrt nested a elements Amelia Bellamy-Royds 2016-07-07
ACTION-3848 (edit) open Update switch prose to make it conditional display Nikos Andronikos 2016-07-28
ACTION-3849 (edit) open File issue on css transforms Nikos Andronikos 2016-07-28
ACTION-3850 (edit) open Update spec to reflect no transform on inline elements Tavmjong Bah 2016-07-28
ACTION-3851 (edit) open Review css fill and stroke to ensure it captures everything from svg Tavmjong Bah 2016-08-11
ACTION-3852 (edit) open Make edits to svg 2 to remove things going to css fill and stroke Nikos Andronikos 2016-08-11
ACTION-3853 (edit) open Edit svg 2 to include processing modes from svg integration spec Doug Schepers 2016-08-11
ACTION-3854 (edit) open Prepare a blurb for front page news Nikos Andronikos 2016-08-11
ACTION-3856 (edit) open Add stub chapters Nikos Andronikos 2016-08-18
ACTION-3860 (edit) open Submit tests for svgz Thomas Smailus 2016-11-03
ACTION-3861 (edit) open File github issue regarding spec clarification for svgz Thomas Smailus 2016-11-03
ACTION-3862 (edit) open Move svg mime type issue to wicg Nikos Andronikos 2016-11-03
ACTION-3863 (edit) open Move issue #249 to wicg Amelia Bellamy-Royds 2016-11-03
ACTION-3864 (edit) open Update text prose with text/textpath offset resolution Tavmjong Bah 2016-11-24
ACTION-3865 (edit) open Add clarification for svgelement.classname Nikos Andronikos 2016-12-29
ACTION-3866 (edit) open Make svg2 color tests Chris Lilley 2017-11-16
ACTION-3867 (edit) open Add tests as discussed on the meeting just now David Storey 2018-04-02
ACTION-3869 (edit) open Review github issues against svg 2.0 and mark them for 2.1 where approriate, open/closed, post resulting list to wg Bogdan Brinza 2018-05-28
ACTION-3870 (edit) open Go through all the tests, and move tests around to match the readme, and update the readme Amelia Bellamy-Royds 2019-09-26
ACTION-3871 (edit) open File an htm lissue for sourceless iframe local references Amelia Bellamy-Royds 2019-09-26

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