ACTION-2833: Investigate Inkscape SVG on clipboard usage

Investigate Inkscape SVG on clipboard usage

Tavmjong Bah
Due on:
September 10, 2010
Created on:
September 3, 2010
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Related notes:

Inkscape uses the GTK toolkit which uses mimetypes to tag clipboard content. These are the types that Inkscape advertises (from ui/clipboard.cpp):

// push supported clipboard targets, in order of preference
#ifdef WIN32

Tavmjong Bah, 6 Sep 2010, 05:11:28

Update: GTK doesn't require use of mimetype... but it is a convention used by most applications.

Inkscape also advertises image/png, image/x-gdk-pixbuf, and text.

Tavmjong Bah, 6 Sep 2010, 07:13:54

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