ISSUE-2252: Consider adding transform="" to <svg>


Consider adding transform="" to <svg>

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Cameron McCormack
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Why is the transform="" attribute not allowed on the <svg> element? To me, it seems like, as with any other graphical element that can be a child of a container element, it should be transformable. It does indeed have no effect in Firefox/Opera/WebKit. Is there a deep reason for it not being allowed? Is there a good reason not to allow it?

The root <svg> is always special because it is involved in setting up the main viewport. If there was a transform attribute should it be applied after the viewBox transform or before? It seems that some people expect that it would be applied after the viewBox transform. That is counter-intuitive if you consider the case with nested <svg> elements. In those cases you'd likely want transform to be applied before the viewBox instead, making it more similar to a <g> element.

Consider what would happen if one had <svg> inline in HTML and applied a CSS3 transform to rotate the svg element. It would rotate the <svg> viewport, which is what I would expect. Depending on how the viewer displays standalone svgs that might look weird (as in: outside the window).
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Cameron McCormack, 16 Aug 2011, 05:02:50

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