ISSUE-2042: Consider adding adding non-NS linking syntax

XLink-less Linking

Consider adding adding non-NS linking syntax

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Doug Schepers
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Going forward, consider the implications of supporting null-namespace 'href' and 'src' attributes where we currently require 'xlink:href' attributes, to align with HTML syntax. This would be an addition, rather than a replacement of existing syntax, and would probably involve some sort of reflection.

Which syntax would we require authoring tools to export (if any)?

What effect would this have on the larger toolchain (including XML-only tools) and e.g. Illustrator? What steps would need to be taken to minimize problems?

Is this something that authors want? Would this help implementors?

If this is allowed in SVG, should HTML also allow this sort of reflection for e.g., <html:script href="">, in order to be simpler for authoring?


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