ISSUE-2330: Clarify how the 'clip' property affects svg content


Clarify how the 'clip' property affects svg content

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Erik Dahlström
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As reported by Robert Longson[1] the 'clip' property was changed slightly from CSS2.0 [2] to CSS2.1 [3].

In particular top and bottom are now offsets from the top edge of the box
and left and right offsets from the left edge of the box, at least in the
testcase referenced below.

This affects one of the tests in the testsuite: because clip="rect(10,10,10,10)" in the example should clip the images
completely (according to the CSS2.1 definition).

The CSS2.1 spec also says the values are offsets from the border box, but isn't really clear if 'clip' is applied to an svg:image element - are the offsets from the outermost svg viewport (that has a border box) or is it the boundingbox of the svg:image element?

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  2. Agenda June 14, 2010 SVG WG telcon (from on 2010-06-14)
  3. ISSUE-2330 (clip_property_handling): Clarify how the 'clip' property affects svg content [SVG 2.0] (from on 2010-06-11)

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