ISSUE-2191: Clarify stroke-dasharray distance measurement

stroke-dasharray distance

Clarify stroke-dasharray distance measurement

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Doug Schepers
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It seems obvious, but we should clarify that the distance between dashes is measured at the perimeter of the shape, not on the inner or outer perimeter of the stroke. This makes a difference for very wide strokes on curved shapes.

Also, we should probably loosen up the list syntax to match other lists in SVG, allowing either commas or spaces as separators (currently, only commas are allowed). Note that ASV allowed either separator.

Finally, we should address the edge cases identified in SVG 1.2 Tiny:
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  1. ISSUE-2191 (stroke-dasharray distance): Clarify stroke-dasharray distance measurement [SVG Core 2.0] (from on 2008-12-10)

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