ISSUE-2170: Work with CSS WG on property like "display-align"

display-align redux

Work with CSS WG on property like "display-align"

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Doug Schepers
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The CSS Working Group has been discussing a property that does exactly
what's described in the SVG draft here (and also has an 'auto' initial
value), but we would need the property to not inherit.

Also, we've heard feedback that "before" and "after" are easily confused
with "start" and "end". Not sure what to do about that.

The CSSWG hasn't discussed SVG's display-align yet (I only just noticed
its existence on my way home from TPAC), but I think it would be a good
idea for us to do a little coordination here.

SVG can't change this because it is only referencing XSL. However, a similar property could be created in CSS (with a different name, inheritance model, and property values), and SVG could reference that instead or additionally.

Originally raised on SVG 1.2 Tiny as ISSUE-2168.
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