Posting of Unsolicited Bulk E-mail (UBE), or spam is strictly forbidden

UBE or SPAM, as defined here will mean: The mass electronic distribution of unsolicited e-mail to individual e-mail accounts, aliases, or mailing lists and archives.

Bulk distribution of unsolicited e-mail, or spam, is always unwelcome to the participants of a mailing list, and possibly illegal.

As the fora hosted at W3C are focused primarily on technical, operational, or communications issues, any commercial, religious, political, or other off-topic e-mail is likely to be interpreted as spam.

Do not under any circumstance post spam to the W3C mailing lists.

Violators of this restriction may be permanently unsubscribed from all lists and banned from participation in any W3C-hosted discussion forum. Their posts may be removed and stored for further actions.

W3C e-mail resources are strictly for use by W3C Activities, staff, and correspondents

W3C e-mail resources include staff e-mail addresses and aliases, mailing lists, archives, and mail servers. These resources are exclusively for use in the conduct of W3C-related activities, communications, and other reasonable use as agreed upon by the W3C staff. Misuse of these resources by anyone will constitute unauthorized usage and will be carefully recorded and examined.

Posting of spam using the e-mail address of a W3C staff member is fraud

W3C staff are agreed in spirit and practice that the use of their W3C e-mail addresses shall be limited to only those uses agreed upon by W3C staff and management. Any misuse of W3C addresses by non-W3C persons will be considered as fraud, and will be carefully recorded and examined.

Recorded abuses of the above described policy may result in legal action against violators of this policy.

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