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The W3C Membership approved the 2 November 2021 W3C Process Document, which takes effect today.

Notable changes include:

  • Registries Track: Introduced a specialized track for maintaining Registries at W3C.
  • W3C Statements: Notes endorsed by W3C as a whole, through an Advisory Committee Review.
  • TAG and AB Publications: The W3C Technical Architecture Group (TAG) and Advisory Board (AB) are now allowed to publish Notes.
  • Track Separation: Recommendations, Notes+Statements, Registries are on separated publication tracks to make it easier to know what the intended end-state of a document might be.
  • Tooling Policy: Defined guidelines for the tools that groups use for publication and collaboration, to ensure long-lived access to W3C publications, and to enable access and effective participation by anyone.

You can read more about all changes since the 15 September 2020 Process Document, read the complete disposition of comments, or peruse the diff.

This document was developed between the W3C Advisory Board and the public Revising W3C Process Community Group. Comments and feedback on the new Process Document may be sent as issues in the public GitHub Repository.

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