• The Web Security Context Working Group was closed on 12 August 2010.

Web Security Context Working Group - Publications


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This specification defines guidelines and requirements for the presentation and communication of Web security context information to end-users.


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This Note refines the objectives for the Web Security Context Working Group deliverables. It elaborates upon the group's Charter [WSC-CHARTER] to explain what the group aims to achieve, what technologies may be used and how technical proposals will be evaluated. This elaboration is limited to the group's technical work and does not cover additional activities the group intends to engage in, such as ongoing outreach and education.

This Note also includes an initial collection of use cases that the group expects will drive its technical work.

Since this Note discusses the assumptions, goals, and processes the group will use to develop its recommendations, the intended audience is similiar to that of the charter of the Working Group; group members, the W3C community, developers of web user agents, web content providers (server administrators), and parties interested and engaged in what the Web Security Context Working Group's plans and directions are. It is explicitly not targeted at the presumed beneficiaries of the group's work, the users of the web, and it is not expected that an average user would be able to read this document and understand it.

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This Note includes threat trees used to analyze the threats that the [WSC-XIT] responds to. It is a companion document to [WSC-USECASES].