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1 translation for Composite Capability/Preference Profiles (CC/PP): Structure and Vocabularies 1.0

This document describes CC/PP (Composite Capabilities/Preference Profiles) structure and vocabularies. A CC/PP profile is a description of device capabilities and user preferences. This is often referred to as a device's delivery context and can be used to guide the adaptation of content presented to that device.

The Resource Description Framework (RDF) is used to create profiles that describe user agent capabilities and preferences. The structure of a profile is discussed. Topics include:

  • structure of client capability and preference descriptions, AND
  • use of RDF classes to distinguish different elements of a profile, so that a schema-aware RDF processor can handle CC/PP profiles embedded in other XML document types.

CC/PP vocabulary is identifiers (URIs) used to refer to specific capabilities and preferences, and covers:

  • the types of values to which CC/PP attributes may refer,
  • an appendix describing how to introduce new vocabularies,
  • an appendix giving an example small client vocabulary covering print and display capabilities, and
  • an appendix providing a survey of existing work from which new vocabularies may be derived.


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This document describes the set of properties that characterizes the capabilities of the device, the preferences of the user and other aspects of the context into which a Web page is to be delivered, known as the delivery context, and explores how to detect and make use of that context.

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The document provides a summary of several techniques and best practices that Web authors can employ when creating and delivering content to a diverse set of devices.

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This document discusses the challenges that authors commonly face when building web content and applications that can be accessed by users via a wide variety of different devices with different capabilities.

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This document offers principles that can lead towards the achievement of greater device independence for Web content and applications.

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