Eleven W3C Publications Related to OWL 2

The OWL Working Group published eleven documents today relating to the OWL 2 Web Ontology Language. OWL 2 extends OWL adding new features that users have requested and that software providers are prepared to implement. Six of these documents are last call drafts, indicating the Working Group believes the technical work in those areas is done. The documents are:

  1. Structural Specification and Functional-Style Syntax (last call)
  2. Direct Semantics (last call)
  3. RDF-Based Semantics
  4. Conformance and Test Cases (last call)
  5. Mapping to RDF Graphs (last call)
  6. XML Serialization (last call)
  7. Profiles (last call)
  8. Quick Reference Guide (first public working draft)
  9. New Features and Rationale (first public working draft)
  10. Manchester Syntax (first public working draft)
  11. rdf:text: A Datatype for Internationalized Text (first public working draft)

The Manchester Syntax is an optional, alternative OWL serialization; this document is expected to become a Note. The XML datatype rdf:text was co-developed with the RIF Working Group for use with RDF data.
The OWL Working Group seeks public feedback on these Working Drafts. Please send your comments to public-owl-comments@w3.org (public archive). If possible, please offer specific changes to the text that would address your concern. You may also wish to check the Wiki Version of this document for internal-review comments and changes being drafted which may address your concerns. Please send comments by 23 January.

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