Infinite Intelligence and Secure Connection: W3C China's Web Technology Forum Report

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W3C China organized a Web Technology Forum in June 2023, which was held as a hybrid event with the main in-person hub in Beijing. We are now pleased to share the report of the event, including recorded videos of the 20 talks during the forum (English and Chinese captions are available).

The forum gathered the Web community in China, nearly 100 onsite attendees and over 17,000 watching the live streaming, discussed the latest Web technologies and identified the possible requirements for Web standards.

The forum was kicked off by Philippe Le Hegaret (W3C Strategy and Project Management Lead) giving an overview of the Web standardization work on Web Neural Network, Machine Learning, Security, Private Advertising, Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC), WebAssembly, WebGPU, WebTransport, WebCodecs, Wide Color Gamut (WCG), High Dynamic Range (HDR), Incremental font transfer, Decentralized Identifier (DID), Verifiable Credentials (VC), Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and Sustainability.   

Participants actively communicated around the latest Web technologies and trends, with a focus on cutting-edge technologies including Web Security, intelligent applications, multimedia, distributed identity, cloud and Web interaction, and topics related to internationalization and accessibility, and explored how to address the challenges the Web is facing today to further meet the needs of industry and users. 

We would like to express our gratitude to Microsoft Reactor for hosting this event. Sincere thanks to Migu Tech-Talks and Microsoft Reactor for providing the live streaming to connect wider remote audience. Many thanks to all the speakers and participants for their supports and contributions that made this forum successful. 

Through the Chinese Web Interest Group and MiniApps Working Group & Community Group, the W3C China team organizes activities regularly on Web technologies and standards with the goal to provide a forum for W3C members to enhance participation in Web standards work from the Chinese Web community. We focus primarily on identifying unique requirements from China, on facilitating the Chinese community discussion of technical ideas with the potential to be proposed to W3C, on standards testing and implementation, as well as explorations of corresponding standardization opportunities.

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