W3C 中国召开 Web 前沿技术论坛

智能无限 · 安全互联

6月19-20日 · 北京

智能无限、安全互联 — W3C 中国将于2023年6月在北京召开 Web 前沿技术论坛。

Infinite Intelligence and Secure Connection — W3C China will be organizing a Web Technology Forum in Beijing, June 2023.

A summary report, including speech videos and slides, are now available in English and Chinese.

本次活动旨在深入探讨最新的 Web 技术及发展趋势,重点关注 Web 安全、智能应用、多媒体、分布式身份、云与 Web 交互等前沿技术并围绕相关技术的国际化与无障碍特性展开探讨。通过技术分享及经验交流,共同探索如何应对当今 Web 面临的挑战,发掘解决方案,进一步满足行业及用户需求。

This event aims to gather the Web community in China, discuss the latest Web technologies and identify the possible requirements for Web standards, with a focus on cutting-edge technologies such as Web Security, intelligent applications, multimedia, distributed identity, cloud and Web interaction, and topics related to internationalization and accessibility, so as to jointly explore how to address the challenges the Web is facing today.

会议免费面向 W3C 会员及受邀嘉宾开放。更多信息另见日程安排注册参会页面。

This event is free and open to W3C members and invited guests. More information can be found on Agenda and Participation pages

若有意向在本次论坛分享相关主题演讲,欢迎联系 team-beihang-events@w3.org

If you wish to present on a topic on this event, please contact team-beihang-events@w3.org.

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