W3C 中国召开 Web 前沿技术论坛

智能无限 · 安全互联

6月19-20日 · 北京

A summary report including speech videos will be released soon. Stay tuned. Speakers' slides are now available in the agendas.

How can I participate?

This meeting is hybrid with the main in-person hub in Beijing, and remote attendees.

Registration closed on 16 June.

Registration after 16th may not get a meeting pass.


NOTE: Please bring your ID card to the meeting. At the meeting venue, security staff may check the attendee's ID card and meeting badge, to make sure the names are consistent.

注册成功后将于会前一周内收到参会确认邮件。远程接入信息将于会前两天单独发送至与会者注册时提供的邮箱地址。若未收到会议信息,请邮件联系 team-beihang-events@w3.org 获得协助。

Attendees will receive confirmation emails the week before the meeting. Remote participation information will be sent to the attedee's email address individually two days prior to the meeting. Please email to team-beihang-events@w3.org for further assistance.

会议免费面向 W3C 会员及受邀嘉宾开放。
This meeting is free and open to W3C Members and invited guests.

会务流程 Logistic

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会场信息 Meeting Venue:

Location:Gugong Room, Microsoft Reactor, No. 5 Dan Ling Street, Haidian District, Beijing, China.


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