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TPAC 2022

W3C's annual conference TPAC 2022 concluded in September when our Community was able to meet in person for the first time in three years.

The conference was in hybrid format. The main in-person hub was in Vancouver, Canada, with over 360 on-site participants. Meanwhile, TPAC 2022 fully included the remote participants in our meetings and offered them the possibility to be participate actively in the discussion.

What attendees said - How TPAC 2022 went

“TPAC is taking Covid measures extremely seriously.”
Our Events Planning team always puts the safety and experience of attendees at the very first place. They worked hard to set up appropriate health rules, carefully taking into account various requirements such as the evolution on the health situation and its impact on the attendees.

"Just really nice to see everyone again and have somewhat organic conversations over some coffee or a lunch, or during a walk." - Though hallway and informal conversations are the main TPAC assets, this year we gave higher priority to making sure TPAC was a safe place and therefore had to limit the contacts among participants. To support attendees' social demands to the biggest extent, lunches and breaks were more staggered than usual and attendees were given the option to have their breaks and meals outdoors.

"Also the organizers did an awesome job ensuring people could participate in every meeting remotely." - Provided by our technical support team, audio and video equipment was available in each meeting room ensuring a good experience both for onsite and remote participants. The remote participants were also able to attend the plenary sessions which have been video-broadcasted.

"It’s great to see so many important players gather around the same table..." - The event brought together W3C technical groups, the W3C Advisory Board, TAG, Advisory Committee, and the public, to network and work to resolve challenging technical and social issues. During TPAC 2022, the Working Groups, Interest Groups, and Community Groups held 90 meetings gathering a global community of web developers, architects, and product teams to advance standards development on emerging web technologies, to make the web work for everyone.

The technical plenary day, consisting of 45 breakout sessions, offered a great opportunity for everyone to meet and liaise, brainstorm ideas, and coordinate on a wide variety of topics relating to W3C activities, ranging from Web Components, Privacy, Accessibility, WoT, Open UI, Web Monetization, Digital Twins, WebViews, Trusted Web, Multicast, Web3, Sustainability, W3Cx Online Courses, Web Developer Experience, W3C Member Support, just to name a few.

During the AC open session, W3C CEO Jeff Jaffe presented “W3C Strategy, past, present, and future” on the W3C launch as a new legal entity in January 2023, and the AB proactively communicated with members about the transition plan and progress.

The Developer Meetup gathered the global Web community to coordinate the development of Web standards, and delivered four talks during the event, which illustrated how W3C community paves the path of creating solid Web standards, from incubating an idea to a deployed standard that people can reliably use and adopt. See more in W3C DevMeetup report – Vancouver, 2022.

Given the travel restrictions and time differences, W3C/Beihang Host organized a TPAC China Hub in Hangzhou to provide an in-person gathering place to support sessions that are particularly relevant to the Chinese community, covering topics around metaverse & Web 3.0, multimedia & WebTransport, Web Editing, MiniApps and Accessibility. The Chinese Member meeting also debriefed about the W3C Legal Entity transition plan and its potential impact.

Next meetings

We are looking forward to the next annual conference, which will be held in Europe. More information coming soon.

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