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Hi everyone, I am looking for volunteers among those who use the current W3C website, to take a short user survey. In the context of the W3C Website phase 1 redesign work, Studio 24, with whom we are partnering, are nearing the end of the “Discovery” phase.

Following on from the user stories submitted thus far, Studio 24 now want to test via a short survey if we have the right information, by gathering feedback from the wide range of different types of users on why they visit the W3C site.

The aim is to identify specific user tasks and look at ways we can help them achieve their goals - from designing content, defining functionality, and deliverables. This helps measure the success of the project. The responses will be reviewed against the existing user groups and stories, to determine if we have missed any groups and if we have the right needs for each group.

The survey is open until Wednesday, May 20, 2020. Thanks in advance for taking it!

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