TPAC 2019 - a GREAT Week for the Global Web Community

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W3C Members and Prospective Members address new features for the Web

group of TPAC attendees at a demo stand

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)  recently held our annual technical Members Meeting (TPAC) in Fukuoka, Japan.  Everyone I spoke to at the event seemed energized by all the conversations going on, the new work items being discussed and the amount of business networking that was happening!  To say that it was an extremely successful event would be an understatement.  I'd like to try to capture some of the highlights from a W3C Business Development perspective.

The first thing that impressed me was the breadth of our community that attended.  We had over 640 attendees from all around the globe!  We had new Members join us at the event - in fact, one just joined the week before explicitly to be a part of the conversations in Fukuoka.  Our work is vibrant as reflected by the new Members and Prospective Members that came to participate in conversations around the next big thing in Media, Web Payments and Decentralized Identifiers, to name a few.

Due to the great work of our local Host, Keio University, we had more rooms than ever for the unconference on Wednesday, so we had a record 59 breakout sessions!  These sessions varied from discussions on new technical work to non-technical discussions on things like DID and Web Stories.  These sessions are proposed by our Members as a way to collect like minded attendees in a discussion at the right level.

Join the Conversation!

If your company or organization depends on the Web to deliver your solutions to your customers, to transact business or collaborate, W3C is for you.  We are driven by the issues our Members need addressed to make the Web the preferred applications platform for all of their business needs.  If there are issues you have as an organization, or as an industry, that you believe are caused by the way the Web is working, bring those to us!  The two Emmy Awards we've won are proof that the work done at the Web Consortium can have permanent, positive changes to industry. We have published just last week the September 2019 edition of the W3C Strategic Highlights, which covers the massive and critical work that takes place at the Web Consortium toward the growth and strength of the Web. Our Membership is energized by new use cases and requirements so bring them to us!

W3C is celebrating 25 years of Web Innovation this month, and the Consortium has changed over that time to be more and more Industry facing.  If you'd like to understand more just send a note to me and we'll start the conversation.  You can reach me at or on Twitter at @JAlanBirdW3C.

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