Publishing WG Telco, 2017-11-13: TPAC/PWA, Landing Page

See minutes online for a more detailed record of the discussions.


The group discussion summarized the impression and experiences of the TPAC F2F meeting, as well as the various hallway conversations last week (Minutes of the F2F meeting days are found here and here).

Most of the discussion crystallized around the relationships between Web Publications and Progressive Web Applications (PWA-s). There were several voices during TPAC that claims that Web Publications are “just” PWA-s, and there is nothing else to do. The WG has to make a prepare a more convincing “story” on why WPUB-s have special issues to consider that are not covered by PWA-s “out of the box”. The discussion converged towards a view that it is perfectly fine to say that a WPUB is also a PWA, but there are things that have to be built upon, and standardized, on top of the concept. There should be a writeup of what those extra considerations are (the draft discussion on the call included offline reading, strong a11y and privacy considerations, specific navigation, search annotation, explicit “collection”/boundaries, collection metadata, authors’ rights, etc.).

Landing Page (Issue #94)

There was a discussion around Issue #94 (“What does a WPub URL resolve to?”) which introduced the concept of a landing page that would include a <link> to the publication manifest. Is that page part of the WPUB or not (ie, is it listed as part of the resources)? Should it include some information items like a TOC or not?

There is no final conclusion yet on these questions, the discussion is ongoing on GitHub.