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On March 26, W3C Keio host held a "Digital Signage and HTML5" seminar with the support of the Japanese Digital Signage Consortium. With a capacity crowd of 115 attendees it was a full afternoon of presentations, discussions and high expectations.

As well as an introduction to the work towards the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications' Mr. Ogasawara (Director of the ICT Strategy Policy Division) following a message by Mr. Suzuki (Director-General of the Global ICT Strategy Bureau), there was also an explanation of the current digital signage landscape by Ms. Iyoku of the Digital Signage Consortium.

As an example of HTML5-based signage, Mr. Watanabe and Mr. Yamada from NTT, and Mr. Kato from Recruit Technologies showed examples of their research and development into linking smartphones and beacons. There were also demos making use of beacons (Physical Web) which caught the eye of attendees.

There then followed an introduction to functional requirements in HTML5-based signage by Newphoria's Mr. Hatano, co-chair of the Web-based Signage Business Group.

Representing the Web Platform Performance Benchmarking Focus Group, Mr. Hatano, Mr. Hoshino from ACCESS and Dr. Kawada from W3C/Keio presented terminal performance requirements, a terminal performance test specification, and development guidelines for web-based signage contents.

Finally there was a panel discussion focusing on the future of digital signage. The importance of HTML5 going forward was discussed by Ms. Iyoku, Mr. Kato, Dr. Kishigami (W3C Advisory Board) and Mr. Hatano, with Keio University's Mr. Kikuchi moderating.

The seminar was closed with a reception where W3C members and Digital Signage Consortium members were able to deepen ties going forward.



また、HTML5ベースのサイネージの事例として、NTT(株)渡邉氏・山田氏とリクルートテクノロジーズ(株)加藤氏からそれぞれ、スマホ連携とビーコン連携の研究開発例が紹介されました。ビーコン(Physical Web)活用についてはデモも行われ、参加者の注目を集めました。

次にW3C Web-based Signage BG議長の(株)ニューフォリア羽田野氏より、HTML5ベースサイネージの機能要求条件が紹介されました。

続いて、Webプラットフォーム性能ベンチマーク検討会を代表して、ニューフォリア羽田野氏、(株)ACCESS星野氏、W3C/慶應の川田より、Web-based Signage端末の性能要求条件、端末性能テスト仕様、およびコンテンツ開発ガイドラインの説明がありました。



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