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A by-election happens when an office becomes vacant between usually scheduled elections. Such a situation has recently developed in the TAG and we are now in the middle of a special election process to fill a seat vacated by Marcos Caceres, due to his recent affiliation change.  Two candidates have been put forward by their respective organizations: Frederick Hirsch from Nokia and Sergey Konstantinov from Yandex. Under W3C rules, the Advisory Committee representatives of W3C member companies now must vote on one of these two candidates to fill the vacant seat.

We are in the midst of big changes in the TAG. The TAG is under "new management" (Peter Linss and I have recently been appointed as co-chairs, replacing the irreplaceable Noah Mendelsohn) and has a number of new members and new work items. We are reviving the TAG blog as a public mouthpiece for TAG members and place to anchor discussions; we are moving towards doing more work in GitHub and the substance of our work is growing to encompass the interface between JavaScript and HTML5, extensibility of the Web, and the work on a second edition of the original Architecture of the World Wide Web document for which the TAG is probably most famous. This TAG as a new attitude and a new slate of work has at least partially stemmed from the mandate that we perceive to have taken from last year's TAG election. For example, the candidacy statements for at least two of the new TAG members elected last year (Yehuda Katz and Alex Russell) included increased communication with the Web developer community and increased coordination with bodies such as TC39; the TAG is now working on making good on these commitments.

Both candidates have written blog posts which detail their positions, approach and thoughts on the future of the TAG.

Frederick Hirsch:

Sergey Konstantinov:

If you are a member of an organization that belongs to W3C, then you have a chance to influence this election and the future make-up and work program of the TAG. I encourage you to read these posts and to encourage your Advisory Committee representative to participate in the election. Votes must be cast by Tuesday the 16th of July.

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