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On March 20th, 2013 members of the  Provenance Working Group gave a tutorial on the  PROV family of specifications at the EDBT conference in Genova, Italy. EDBT ("Extending Database Technology") is widely regarded as one of the prime venues in Europe for dissemination of data management research.

The idea behind the tutorial was to provide a "database-centric" view of PROV, as a complement to the Semantic Web perspective offered by other tutorials, past and future, namely the ISWC'12 PROV tutorial (Boston, Nov. 2012) and the upcoming ESWC'13 PROV tutorial (Montpellier, France May 26-30).

The 1.5 hours tutorial was attended by about 26 participants, mostly from academia. It was structured into three parts of approximately the same length. The first two parts introduced PROV as a relational data model with constraints and inference rules, supported by a (nearly) relational notation (PROV-N). The third part presented known extensions and applications of PROV, based on the extensive PROV implementation report and implementations known to the presenter at the time.

All the presentation material is available here.

We encourage you to take a look at this tutorial material or attend one of the future tutorials on PROV.

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