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The PROV tutorial at the EDBT conference

The PROV tutorial at EDBT 2013 was presented on March, 20, 2013 in Genova, Italy.

This tutorial presents PROV as a relational data model with constraints and inference rules, supported by a (nearly) relational notation (PROV-N).

This perspective on the PROV data model complements that of other tutorials, which cater primarily to a Semantic Web audience, namely The ISWC 2012 PROV tutorial and the ESWC 2013 PROV tutorial.

Tutorial material

The tutorial is in three parts, each about 30 minutes long, and consists of the following material:

There is also a short paper describing the motivation, structure and content of the tutorial, published in the EDBT'13 proceedings: The W3C PROV family of specifications for modelling provenance metadata, Paolo Missier, Khalid Belhajjame, and James Cheney