News from the Automotive and Web Platform Business Group

The Automotive and Web Platform Business Group is active, even during this period of vacations.

Now that QNX has contributed its API proposal (joining proposals from Genivi, Tizen and Webinos), the group has started to look into merging and harmonizing these individual proposals into a common specification, targeted for December 2013.

The group is also discussing its next face to face meeting date and location.

Don’t miss the opportunity to drive the automotive technology evolution, join the W3C Automotive and Web Platform Business Group.

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  1. Defining a Vehicle Data API Specification is the first priority of the group and will provide guidelines as to the types of vehicle data that should be accessible using a web API(s). There is a wide range of data that could be made accessible to app developers via web APIs such as vehicle make, model and year, vehicle conditions such as navigation, speed, climate and more. Diana Cheng, Web and Social Media Expert, Internet Standards, R&D at Vodafone Group states for the press release:Result

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