W3C in Russia

Back from Russia!

After 2 days in Moscow with snow and low temperature I am back in France. During this trip, we have officially launched our W3C office in Russia, with a Press event at Ria Novosti, thanks for their help, it’s nice to see the support of our member.

A lot of people had the same question, why an office in Russia?

The answer is: W3C as an international consortium must integrate all the countries and with more than 50 million Web users, Russia must be part of this process. Also, Russia has a lot of strong technology expertise and it’s the time now to open Russia to the WWW and the WWW to Russia.

Let’s go all together to have a powerful partnership on all the web subjects and to increase the number of W3C members in Russia.

HSE and Ria Novosti are our first members in Russia and we could expect some others very quickly as the Russian Web community is very active and powerful.

Thanks to our Russian office for their support and professional vision to increase the W3C presence in Russia, well done guys you are part of the team.

See you soon for additional exciting news.