Open Web Platform Weekly Summary – 2011-05-09 – 2011-05-16

The HTML WG is about to reach a very important step of the current W3C Process: Last Call. For a W3C Technology, it is the moment where the WG members think, they have solve any major issues. The document is considered mature and stable enough. Last Call is here to give another chance for all participants to review a stable version of the specification. All comments will be formally recorded and answered. Then once all comments have been answered with satisfaction for both parties, the specification is entering Candidate Recommendation. It is the opportunity for the group to produce an implementation report. James Graham (Opera) asked specifically on how the HTML WG should define the PR entrance criteria.

The HTML WG is a bit specific though. A lot of what is inside in the HTML5 specification has been motivated by describing what browsers were already doing on the Web. This is far to be perfect. There is still discrepancies in between implementations, but it is a lot better than before. If you authorize me to share my own opinion, the specification needs to be implemented by more authoring tools developers to be able to give practical feedback on the specification.

The weekly summary of the Open Web Platform might then change a bit. Though there is more to cover than just the HTML WG.

HTML Working Group Decisions

There was no HTML WG desisions this week. Paul Cotton (Microsoft, co-chair) has sent a Last Call decision poll. These following documents are covered by the poll.

  1. HTML5
  2. HTML+RDFa
  3. HTML Microdata
  4. HTML Canvas 2D Context
  5. HTML/XHTML Compatibility Authoring Guidelines
  6. HTML5: Techniques for providing useful text alternatives

Paul Cotton also sent a detailed timeline for Last Call.




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This column is written by Karl Dubost, working in the Developer Relations & Tools at Opera Software.