Open Web Platform Weekly Summary – 2011-03-21 – 2011-03-27

This is the 4th edition of our weekly summary about the Open Web Platform. The intent is to give an overview of the discussions, proposals, decisions which have happened during the last week around HTML5 and sometimes more broadly the Open Web Platform. This weekly summary covers events in multiple W3C groups, and some outside events as well. Feel free to chime in the comments and add information or ask for more details.

As Shelley Powers mentionned this week was quite quiet, but there were a couple of decisions. A few new drafts and proposals and an interesting discussions about Web applications caching systems. The debate around longdesc attribute is far to be finished.

HTML Working Group Decisions

backslashes processing in Content Type headers – ISSUE-126

Should HTML5 specification require backslashes to be processed as escapes in Content-Type headers in <meta> elements? It has been decided to keep the specification as it is currently. Some Web client implementers noticed that they intended to change the parsing accordingly to the specification and what other user agents are doing.

Microdata usability study – ISSUE-139

Should the microdata usability study be placed in the HTML5 or the Microdata specifications? This is a minor issue which has been solved by moving a sentence from HTML5 specification to Microdata specification.

Conforming document – ISSUE-140

The term “conforming document” and how it is used by other specifications has been an issue. The issues surrounding conformance are not totally solved and needs better bug reports. In the meantime, the WG has decided to adopt for this specific issue: “Conformance terminology when applicable specifications are used”.




Hot Topics

This column is written by Karl Dubost, working in the Developer Relations & Tools at Opera Software.