W3C Technical Plenary: To HTML5 and beyond!

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Next week is the annual W3C technical plenary, aka TPAC 2010. It brings together participants in the W3C Community for an energetic week of coordinated work and discussion. A few hundreds of individuals from W3C Working and Interest Groups, the Advisory Board, the TAG and the Advisory Committee are traveling to Lyon, France for that week. On Wednesday, November 3rd, we offer a unique opportunity for our broad W3C Community to gather in one room and discuss technical topics of general interest, and of significant importance to past, present and future of the World Wide Web Consortium.

Some of the topics during this Technical Plenary day are relevant to the HTML platform and its future:

The New Open Web Client Platform: HTML5, CSS3, and other goodies in action will get Google, Opera, Microsoft, and Mozilla to demonstrate what they can do with their implementations. We'll get to enjoy an HTML5 show and remind us of what we're all working towards. Popcorns are not included.

HTML.next will go beyond the previous session. With the HTML5 WG entering the stretch drive, TPAC 2010 is a good opportunity to have discussion on the next version of HTML. Renewed focus on requirements from authoring tools, <device> element, advanced audio functionality for Web browsers, and existing opportunities across W3C working groups are on the program.

Web and TV will look at the recent W3C Web on TV workshop and our plans to move forward from there.

And I'm not even mentioning the various talks in the Bringing new work Part 1 and Part 2 sessions.

As usual, this is going to be a busy week and several of us have to catch a plane soon (if they didn't already). If you don't get there, we'll have the minutes and audio recording available later (but no video recording unfortunately). If you want to stay on top, you can also follow #tpac on various social networking sites.

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