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A few months ago, I was explaining how you can participate to W3C work in a different way: writing tutorials, writing quick tips. I found out last week a new and original way to participate to W3C work.

Marcos Cáceres is an invited expert on the Web Application Formats Working Group and he is the editor of a few W3C specifications.

So far, there is nothing really surprising. But I noticed in his bio the following:

I’m currently doing a PhD full-time and also work as a developer for the Creative Industries’ Computing Services, Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Brisbane, Australia. […] My main research interests are in widgets, web widgets, and mobile widgets.

Marcos is doing his presentation of PhD Thesis by published paper, i.e. the W3C specifications, he is editing. We can can read in his confirmation document (pdf) for his PhD Thesis:

In addition, this confirmation document describes what methods will be employed to conduct the research, what publications will be produced, and how that knowledge will be disseminated within the two year timeframe remaining to complete this PhD. This confirmation document attempts to meet the requirements of Confirmation of Candidature as described in Section 12 of QUT’s Manual of Policies and Procedures (MOPP) (QUT, 2006). The final form of this PhD will be a Presentation of PhD Thesis by Published Papers as specified in Section 14 of the MOPP.

Kudos to Queensland University of Technology for being supportive in this original way to contribute and actively participate to W3C work. I wish him success.

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