Meet W3C Staff version 2008

Sometimes, we often forget that the value of the technology is in human. We had recently the Technical Plenary where all W3C participants usually meet once a year. Many people from W3C staff (the W3C Team) are traveling to attend this event. We use this opportunity to meet during one day and discuss issues across the Team, the Web standards, to redefine what we believe in, to chat about our local lives, some people leaving, some babies to born, just life. Each year we take a W3C Team group photo. This year photo has been taken by Richard Ishida.

W3C Team Day

I’m always amazed by how good and dedicated all these individuals are to the W3C mission. This is true for those you know, the front line Working Group Technical staff contact, but W3C is working because of all administrative and system people.

2 thoughts on “Meet W3C Staff version 2008

  1. I read your post and find it all the more touching than I know you’re leaving the W3C. We had this family feeling at Paris Web this year too. It feels very, very good indeed. The web is made up of people.

    1. Thanks. Stephane that is very nice of you. And I have read all the good stuff about ParisWeb 2008. You made it again, an amazing conference. I wanted to participate this year, but bad calendar. Many many thanks for making the Web French community a better place. It’s far beyond all the dreams I had when people were starting to translate W3C documents in French 10 years ago.

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