TPAC 2007 - HTML 5, XHTML 2.0, Future Formats

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The title, just by reading it, reminds me of long discussions for the past 6 months as the (interim) HTML WG staff contact. HTML 5 and XHTML 2.0 ; Many fights, many misunderstandings often due to deaf dialogs. Let's hope that the session will give hints on how to articulate opinions. Last time I attended this session was at XTech 2007 in Paris.

Richard Schwerdtfeger, IBM, proposed to merge the two groups. In his opinion, one group is looking forward and the other one is looking at things backward.

I really think that one of the issues of all discussions we have are related to the use of "real world". There is no shared meaning across people in the Web community. As I said earlier on IRC: "My real world is not yours."

The discussion is taking an interesting turn about what it means for a technology to be ready to break. How do we process errors in technology? It is a much larger topic than HTML languages. It touches Web architecture as large. The discussion is lively on IRC as well.

Daniel Glazman stressed out that we really need editor vendors, CMS developers on the HTML WG. Daniel is part of the HTML WG and is working on a new authoring tool for HTML.

fantasai reminds the audience that the topic is about HTML 5 and XHTML 2.0. She says that both languages solve a real problem which exists now, but one of the issues is the shared namespace.

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