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During the lunch break at the HTML in email workshop in Paris, a Web designer told me it was too expensive to participate to W3C work. This is a common myth about W3C. There are many ways to participate and be part of the Web standard efforts without necessary being a computing engineer and/or become a W3C Member.

In the next few weeks, I will introduce ways anyone can participate to W3C, without having to become a Member, and will explain how it benefits you and the Web communities. Let's start with the Quick Tips!

Quick Tips

Quick Tips are simple Web pages

Quick Tips (or Quality Tips) are Short, simple bits of knowledge for better Web design, authoring, and use, on quality issues related to W3C technologies such as HTML, CSS, HTTP. The Tips are however not limited to these technologies: It is entire possible to write about SVG, Semantic Web, Web Services or anything related to the W3C technologies.

There is a very short set of guidelines for creating quick tips. When writing one, you should focus on a few things:

  • Make it short
  • Make it cool to read
  • Make it useful for anyone

The Quick Tips are used on the Markup validator to give a short and quick readable information for Webmasters, and listed on this weblog. They are listed and can be used as reference materials for tutorials or in a Web agency, for example.

If your Web Site uses php, you can even include a block with random Tips with the following one-liner:

<?php include ""; ?>

It is a wide public exposure of your knowledge and skills (good karma) and it helps the community to benefit from your useful and simple recipes. Looking forward to your mails on

Next time, I will talk about tutorials.

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