About these Tips

Short, simple bits of knowledge for better Web design, authoring, and use, on quality issues related to W3C technologies such as HTML, CSS, HTTP.

Writing and Translating Tips

New tips can easily be added, and you can write and submit yours — learn how.

Some of these tips have been translated in Spanish and are served in language negotiation with the English versions; more translations are available, and more are welcome

List of Quality Tips

Tips under review or discussion

How to write and submit Quality Tips

All people are welcome to submit new tips for the quality tips for webmaster.

  1. Read the quality tips already submitted. If you think that a tip is unclear and you want to change it, verify first the references in the tip itself, it could occur that this tip has been already discussed on the public-evangelist@w3.org mailing-list.

  2. Write a draft of your quality tips using the Quality Tips Template.

  3. When you have written a quality tip, send a mail to the public-evangelist@w3.org mailing list with the file you have created in attachment.

  4. During the review period, a W3C QA Team member adds the tip to the list of tipss in the page Quality Tips for Webmasters as draft. The quality tip goes then through a 2 weeks review period on the mailing-list.

  5. After the review period, the author incorporates the feedback received and sends an updated version to public-evangelist@w3.org ; the QA Team checks that the feedback was indeed incorporated and adds it the production validator

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