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Documents on Web Quality

A lot of documents on Building Quality Web sites. Recommending readings for developers and designers.

Reference Documents

Mostly aimed at W3C working groups participants and Quality Assurance experts.

The Q&A Weblog

Informal discussions, short articles, shared techniques, opinions, findings: all these are now on the Q&A Weblog.

Please see the QA Toolbox for a similar list of tools hosted, maintained, or related to QA at W3C.

This is the (almost) authoritative list for documents, texts, and documentation published in the QA webspace at W3C.

Among the documents below, those for which translations are welcome are explicitely marked as such with "[translation welcome]"; see also the W3C Policy regarding translations.

Documents on Web Quality


Web Site Quality

The following documents are for Web designers, Webmasters, or their managers, and address the quality of Web Sites and how to improve it.

Web techniques

Documents a little more focused on precise problems and focused solutions than the general Web quality documents, these are interesting resources for Web designers, developers and webmasters.

External publications

Some of the articles written by the QA Team are published in other on-line publications to reach a wider audience.

Documents for Developers and implementors

More technical than the documents above, the following documents are addressing common problems in implementation of Web Technologies that developers (and, to a lesser extent, Web Designers and Web masters) should know about.

Talks and Presentations

QA reference documents

General reference documents

Documents about the QA activity

the QA Framework

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QA periodical publications

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