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About "WaW"

In this joint project between WaSP and the Quality Assurance Activity at W3C, frequently asked questions regarding Web standards are submitted by WaSP members to the W3C / QA.

The QA staff at W3C then creates an article answering that question, with the specific perspective of Web designers and developers. Once perfected through the coordination of both WasP Learn and "W3C QA" teams, the articles are published on WaSP site and the W3C Web Standards Education list is then used for follow-up and discussions on the topic, and specifically on the article.

List of addressed topics

Here's a list of all topics that have already been treated in the "WaSP asks W3C" series :


If you'd like to participate in follow-up discussion, you'll need to subscribe to our Web Standards Education list. To do so, send an email to public-evangelist-request@w3.org with “Subject: subscribe”. You can also simply read the archives for this mailing-list.

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