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The QA Working Group is now Closed

The Quality Assurance Working Group has been closed. It has been opened in 2001 and closed in August 2005. A set of documents have been published during this period. You can still participate to the Quality Assurance Activity through the QA Interest Group.

The previous QA WG home page has been kept for archive.

QA Framework

QA Framework Primer and Usage Scenarios
QA Framework Primer provides a general orientation to the QA Framework. The QA Framework is a set of related documents (a Recommendation, WG Notes, FAQ, Matrix, and Wiki) whose goal is to improve the quality of specifications and the implementation of these specifications. This Primer provides a roadmap to these documents. It introduces and orients the reader by presenting the QA Framework from three different prespectives - a document view, a role-based view, and a Working Group milestones view.
QA Handbook - W3C Working Group Note 6 September 2005
The QA Handbook (QAH) is a non-normative handbook about the process and operational aspects of certain quality assurance practices of W3C's Working Groups, with particular focus on testability and test topics. It is intended for Working Group chairs and team contacts. It aims to help them to avoid known pitfalls and benefit from experiences gathered from the W3C Working Groups themselves. It provides techniques, tools, and templates that should facilitate and accelerate their work. This document is one of the QA Framework (QAF) family of documents of the Quality Assurance (QA) Activity. QAF includes the other in-progress specification, Specification Guidelines, Test Development FAQ, plus a handful of test- and other QA-related notes, advanced topics, and Wiki page collections.
QA Specification Guidelines - W3C Recommendation 17 August 2005
The goal of this document is to help W3C editors write better specifications, by making a specification easier to interpret without ambiguity and clearer as to what is required in order to conform. It focuses on how to define and specify conformance. It also addresses how a specification might allow variation among conforming implementations. The document presents guidelines or requirements, supplemented with good practices, examples and techniques.
Variability in Specifications - W3C Working Group Note 31 August 2005
This document details and deepens some of the most important concepts related to conformance when designing a specification. It is a companion document of QA Specification Guidelines. It analyzes how design decisions of a specification's conformance model may affect its implementability and the interoperability of its implementations.
Test FAQ
The Test Development FAQ is addressed to those who develop tests or organize testing efforts. It should also be useful to those who develop specifications or who run tests. The FAQ provides introductory information about the purpose of testing, how to get started, and what the testing process involves. This FAQ primarily documents what is already considered good testing practice or the norm, but it also includes a number of advanced testing goals that have not yet been fully achieved by any Working Group.
QA Wiki
A wiki used for starting discussion and collection comments, experiences, materials on the QA topics.
Matrix of W3C Specifications (on-going)
A particular view on the technical specifications of W3C : list of Test Suites, link to conformance section.

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