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About the Quality Assurance Working Group

The QA Working Group is one of the bodies of the Quality Assurance activity at W3C, chartered until August 2005.

The mission of this Working Group is stated in its charter : The mission of the QA Working Group is to solidify and extend current W3C quality practices regarding specification editing, validation tools and test suites, and coordination efforts within W3C.
There is more information available on the scope and deliverables of this Working Group.

If you're interested in starting a QA effort in your Working Group, you should have a look at our QA Framework primer, and get in touch with us ( or for a more private contact)!

If you want to support the QA Working Group efforts to bring W3C at the top level of quality, the best is probably to join our Working Group and participate! If you can't make such a commitment, participating to the Interest Group and sending feedback on our documents is of precious help to our work.


Upcoming QAWG teleconference & meeting topics (see also minutes of past meetings)
Tentative agendas:
  • 29 Aug: Conformance clause template, Test Case Data model, QA Primer review, Test FAQ review
(the Working Group meets weekly on Monday at 11:00 am ET ; see also the meeting logistics)
Deliverables & milestones
Current delivery plan of the QA Framework
  • QA Doc primer: updated mid November; needs some rewrite (Mark and Lynne to review it)
  • QA Handbook: republished as WG Note end of August
  • SpecGL: done (Rec!)
  • Variability in Specs: next publication end of August
  • Test FAQ: first version released on May 10, 2005
  • Test Case Data Model: first publication (Note?) end of August)


WG deliverables and discussion drafts

QA Framework
Record of QA Activities in W3C

Issues and Action Items


Here is the charter for the QA Working Group.

Communication with and within the group

Mailing-list is the publicly archived list of the QA WG. Public discussion on topics related to W3C's Quality assurance is welcome on the public, and publicly archived list of the QAIG, See also the clarifications on communicating with the QA WG posted to www-qa in March 2004.

Meetings of the Working Group

As stated in the charter, the QA Working Group meets both during teleconferences and face-to-face meetings.

The QA Calendar page holds the minutes of the past meetings (teleconferences and face-to-face).

Patent Disclosures

The lists of specifications covered by the W3C Patent Policy and the instructions on how to make disclosures are available from the QA Working Group Patent Policy Status page.


The group maintains a number of liaisons with other organization or groups inside or outside W3C for the purpose of the activity.


Karl Dubost <>, W3C Conformance Manager, QA Working Group chair

Members of the Working Group

(see also full contact information in DBWG)

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