Video On The Web – The Interviews

The Video On The Web Workshop is finished. A report is being prepared with the outcomes of the workshop. In the meantime, three video interviews have been published by videolectures.net:

Update: Another video this time explaining relationships between videos, metadata and Semantic Web technologies by Philippe Le Hégaret.

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  1. Anne,

    not that I know, unfortunately.
    I will send an email to videolectures.net if they are willing to convert them.

    (update: mail sent waiting for an answer)

  2. Hey Everyone,

    Can someone direct me to any material regarding W3C video streaming compliance on the internet, as it relates to HIPAA and protecting the medical privacy of patients?

    We are looking to begin posting a lecture series for practicing physicians on our site, and had question on A) Whether we should use a specific streaming format to ensure good W3C compliance and maximize security (is there a risk of hackers accessing the content in these files??), and B) What do we need to consider on the webpage we will be posting these lectures ([…] what structurally should we keep in mind for streaming video?)

    Karl, if you or someone could point me in the right direction, or offer any feedback, I would appreciate it.



    1. Hi Marcus,

      As of today, the W3C doesn’t recommend a format for streaming video. It has been part of orthogonality principles. When you design two technologies with relationships–HTML giving the possibility to display PNG for example–there are benefits of not recommending only one specific format like PNG, because the two technologies might evolve at a different pace.

      That said, it might be interesting to explore areas where the technology is freely accessible for a large number of people. Video is known to be a patent mine field and it is difficult to find a good compromise between quality, not encumbered by patents, development efforts. It’s why W3C has started to gather ideas and requirements from people through the workshop.

      About hackers, you want the people to access the content of the files :) What you don’t want is people modifying the content on your server. That’s a different issue.

      On your B) question, one thing to keep in mind for streaming video on the Web is to give a format which will not exclude anyone in viewing this format. Are there players on different platforms for this format (Mac, Win, Unix, etc.)? Are there an easy way to integrate subtitles and captioning (as real text) inside the video.

  3. Since a stated goal for the workshop was, “Part of making video a first class Web citizen will involve addressing issues of accessibility …”, I wonder if you are working with videolectures.net to make these videos accessible with captioning and/or audio descriptions. In contrast, for example, ‘dotSUB.com’ provides a mechanism for captioning video. Perhaps I am missing something …

    1. Hi Bill,

      That would be indeed a good thing. I have sent an email to Videolectures.net before christmas. I didn’t get an answer yet. I will try again.

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