TPAC 2007 – Cracks and Mortar

Tim Berners-Lee is taking the floor: “The world is a mess of interconnected communities and it is why it is working.”

  • Content-Type: is a way to define the content available at a specific URI. It gives flexibility for evolution. It reminds me that we, olivier and I, gave at Keio University a talk on Web architecture and we talked about content-type. HTML 5 proposes to jeopardize the content-type ignoring the server part of the architecture.
  • TAG Soup: Tim reminds that documenting existing practice is fine but evolving toward clean markup sounds like a good idea.
  • Validation: it should allow extensibility, it should explain problems and motivation, and balance its level of disapprobation.
  • Browsers: save as to help having a cleaner markup.
  • Alternatives: central registry of terms – microformats, etc.
  • New tags and attributes in HTML: validator complains, then microformats overload classes. This is a vicious circle.
  • Canvas and SVG: Tim is asking for dialog between the communities. Look also at the comparison between the two.
  • XML top-down dispatch offers a recursive dispatch.
  • Multiple namespaces in RDF

The future open doors to new things linked data, Coumpound Document Format as an alternative to Silverlight and AIR, FOAF+Openid for blocking spam and makes open social networks, mobile web, video and more.