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WebConf Information

Every other Friday at 10am US Eastern / 3pm Europe / 11pm Japan



  • Calls are all scheduled in US Eastern Time, and European daylight savings starts on a different date, so...
  • In Europe, calls will start one hour earlier after March 10 and then go back one hour later after March 31.
  • In Japan, calls will start one hour earlier after March 10.


The IRC is used for the minutes, speaker queue, and sharing links etc.


For 12th October 2018

  • PlugFest preparation (on-line/Lyon)

For 14th September 2018

  • Interoperability between NGSI-LD Information Model and WoT TD model/iot.schema.org
  • PlugFest preparation (on-line/Lyon)

For 31st August 2018

  • PlugFest preparation (on-line/Lyon)
    • TD Directory lookup-by based on Capability and Feature of Interest patterns from iot.schema.org
    • Other uses of semantics
  • Semantic API
    • Next steps needed for the realization


For 22th June 2018

  • Danh-Victor:
    • Integrated JSON-LD Frame into Thing directory
    • a SHACL+GraphQL API/library for Thing Directory
  • Proposal on integrating/using the Feature of Interest pattern from iot.schema.org in TD
  • Other proposals for PlugFest preparation (Bundang, Korea)


For 25th May 2018

  • Proposals for PlugFest preparation (Bundang, Korea)
  • AOB
  • please add your points here

For 11th May 2018

  • an update on iotschema activities
  • Proposals for PlugFest preparation (Bundang, Korea)
  • AOB

For 16th March 2018

  • iotschema patterns (Michael Koster)

For 09th March 2018

  • Preparation for Prague PlugFest
    • Goals and requirements with respect to Semantic Integration
    • Semantic discovery via SPARQL and GraphQL (Danh Le Phuoc)
    • Guideline for participants

For 08th December 2017

  • Report on activities related to semantics on Burlingame PlugFest
    • iotschema.org Capabilities to annotate TDs at PlugFest
  • Proposals for next steps (Prague PlugFest)

For 13th October 2017

  • Proposals for PlugFest - preparation
    • iot.schema.org Capabilities to annotate TDs at PlugFest (for discovery purposes)
  • Namespaces for the TD vocabulary (WoT ontology)

For 29th September 2017

For 1st September 2017

  • SSN-driven alignment proposal (presented by Maxime Lefrançois, co-editor of W3C&OGC SOSA/SSN)
  • Some strategies for ontology reuse on alignment with TD (presented by María Poveda)
  • Discuss on Ontology Alignment strategy for TD (focus on Linked Data perspective)

For 18 August 2017

  • Alignment of TD with SSN
  • OWL representation of input/output data types

Stash for Future WebConfs

  • Ontology for temperature sensing (Maria)
  • Brainstorm on use cases that clearly demonstrate the benefits of a semantic approach to interoperability (Dave)?
  • Proposals for invited presentations
  • Recipes and function mapping (Michael Koster)

For 3 March 2017

Meeting Minutes