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NOTE: The OCF liaison meetings have been suspended temporarily, as the principals will be busy discussing the more general protocol bindings in a separate set of meetings. We will resume the more specific OCF calls once the protocol binding framework has been put in place.

WebConf Information

Mondays at 9am EST / 3pm CET / 10pm JST


WebEx for the OCF Liaison Call has been cancelled.


The IRC is used for the minutes, speaker queue, and sharing links etc.


  • Public OCF1.0 Draft Candidate Specification: [1]
  • oneIoTA [2]
  • OpenT2T [3]
  • Iotivity [4]
  • Iotivity-node [5]
  • Swagger/OpenAPI [6]
  • swagger2x [7]
  • SmartHome demo [8]


OCF liaison meetings are suspended until further notice. However, we will resume once the protocol bindings have been solidified and can also hold a meeting if something urgent comes up. Please continue to create agenda items below and we will deal with them when the meetings restart.

F2F Preparation

What version of IoTivity?

  • Version that works with iotivity-node, as we want to get everything working in Javascript to be consistent with Wot Scripting API.

1. Prepare a hackable OCF device

  • One idea: reuse device from Smart Home (this is in Javascript...)
  • Could write one from scratch, eg. a temperate sensor
  • Are code samples in C++, but JavaScript (using iotivity-node) would be better
  • Need both an implementation and a data model (ideally in Swagger)
  • Introspection not working... will have to write a Swagger file manually

2. Generate a Thing Description for the OCF Device

  • Manual translation (we want to do this anyway as a test case)
  • Automatic translation option 1: extend Dave's tool...
  • Automatic translation option 2: swagger2x...

3. Generate a WoT interface using TD and use it to connect to the OCF device

  • Requires implementing some kind of protocol binding


  • Data modeling
  • Translation of OpenAPI to Thing Description (and back)
    • eg using swagger2x
  • Demonstrating using a TD to talk to an OCF device
    • Eg Smart Home demo
    • How to write Thing Description for an OCF device?
  • Protocol binding

Meeting Minutes