09 Mar 2018


Darko_Anicic, Kaz_Ashimura, Aparna_Thuluva, Benjamin_Klotz, Danh_Le_Phuoc, Darko_Anicic, Fano_Ramparany, Michael_Koster, Taki_Kamiya


<kaz> scribenick: taki


Darko: Restart discussion on topics related to Prague activity
... scenario, semantic artifacts, etc
... We have some slide sets defining some scenarios.
... Do we have any progress regarding scenario development?
... Koster prepared questionnaire.
... we need to think plans for that. meaning, iotschema capabilities, etc.
... any updates from plugfest telecon?

Recap from the PlugFest call

<kaz> plugfest minutes

Koster: I had conflict this week.

Kaz: talked about logistics for the plugfest, including Yamada-san's requirement from Panasonic.
... There is a table of information wrt. Panasonic servients, and TD is available for that.
... Michael L who is the host of the Plugfest needs information about port numbers to use in the plugfest.
... yamada san added a table for those settings.
... Matsukura-san explained concrete negotiation sequence, discovery, look up, etc.
... Daniel Peintner and Sebastian explained TD changes.
... We should think about how to handle semantic information, scripting, etc.

Darko: was there any discussion on overall scenario?

Kaz: people were encouraged to share concrete scenarios.
... whole setting is described in Github md file.

Dahn: Is it updated?

Kaz: Yes. It was updated but needs some more information.

Darko: victor added few scenarios in section 3.
... But it was before we prepared slideset.
... Panasonic added an item there as well.
... can we add our scenario in section 3 of plufest preparation md file?

<kaz> section "3 Plugfest scenarios"

Kaz: Yes. I think so.

Darko: what is the intention of the questionnaire?

<kaz> https://github.com/w3c/wot/blob/master/plugfest/2018-prague/checklists/participant-questionnaire.md

Koster: to get people to propose, describe e.g. scenarios, etc.
... It is md file, and just need to make a pull request.

Darko: I will copy these 4 scenarios.

Kaz: We have a questionnaire template.

Koster: I made a pull request. I think I did. I will check.

Kaz: So you are going to fill in content.

Koster: Yes.

Darko: I found only questionnaire.
... there is another questionnaire about security.
... There is no answer so far.

Koster: Yes.

Kaz: Koster is going to add one example answer.

Koster: Yes, I will do that.

Kaz: then others such as Fujitsu, Panasonic need to follow the example to fill in their answer.

Koster: then we need to summerize after that.

<kaz> Kaz: we can add Koster's questionnaire template to each companies' preparation.md, e.g., preparation-panasonic.md, and add actual answers to that file referring to Koster's example answers.

Darko: in this situation, we can develop small scenario and make sure we have iot.schema prepared and setup TD directory.
... and prepare TD template annotated with iot.schema capabilities as example.

Benjamin: in TD serialization meeting, Sebastian made an example this morming

Koster: I have one.
... we can put example in the same directory?
... I will upload some this morning. ones with semantic annotation.
... I will add some vocabulary to iot.schema.
... We need to figure out if we can make it easier for people to add vocabulary.
... I wanted to add some terminology.
... I can make pull request for things we need for plufest for now.

Darko: We need to look at IPSO, OneM2M, etc, and normalize before adding ones.
... We can quickly check this before we merge this.

Koster: We can accept pull request, and do that checking.

Benjamin: is there alignment with...
... auto.schema

Koster: we are not hosting at schema.org
... we are using schema.org tools. but currently they are separate.
... We did some changes to the tools as well because it was not perfect for our use.
... Dan Brickly is also involved.
... The eventual goal is to merge them in the future.
... We are doing some extension. Namespace handling is a bit different.
... Range, domain, annotation, those patterns are the same.

Darko: there is no problem in using both in TD.
... humidity data, eg, you can use terms from schema.org.

Koster: event, action, property. those names are used in both, but meanings are different.

<kaz> http://iotschema.org/docs/full.html

Koster: we need to figure it out. e.g. is there need for iotproperty. iotaction, etc?

Darko: Plans for the next two weeks. Let's plan

Dahn: Section 3 is short now. We can elaborate there.

Koster: I will add examples. We can also add scenarios.
... We can use scenarios we exercised before, and also can add new ones.
... Don't run AC unless there is no change in motion sensor, etc.
... How much automation is possible. Tools annotate TD, etc.
... Recipe is a scenario that leads to automation.

Darko: scenarios in section 3. we can work on semantic artifacts.

Koster: we can collect scenarios separately.
... we can add some more.

Danh: we can make a link from main document.

Danh's slides

<kaz> Danh's slides

Darko: Danh, can you present your slides?

Danh: I propose challenges, scenarios. then plans for implementation for semantic discovery.
... We have REST call for discovery.
... SparQL. GraphQL is also commonly used.
... e.g. discover things that can provide illuminance property and the ability to change it.
... discover abstract type.
... e.g. changePropertyAction
... and subtypes of it.
... turn on action based on type.

Darko: In SPARQL, I see names that are not used. Looks more complex than is necessary.

Danh: that's one problem.
... some people like GraphQL.

Koster: Directory can return the whole TD, or it can return a link to TD.
... or part of TD

Danh: sometimes you need to re-format, then need to make another request for details, etc.
... I can prepare some more examples.

Darko: Is it triple store?

Danh: It is the same as current TD repository.
... You get JSON document back.
... What is the query I/F for TD repository?
... Can you post a link?

TD Directory

<DarkoAnicic> TD Directory: https://github.com/thingweb/thingweb-directory

Darko: I posted a link.
... There is REST api to lookup, update, delete TD
... lookup has a few options.
... fetch by ID
... semantic query.
... triple pattern matching of query. instead of full SPARQL.
... This is an official TD repository.

Danh: I will try to implement something. Two weeks is a bit tight schedule.

Darko: will you be present at the meeting?

Danh: I will arrive Saturday evening.
... I will be present on 2nd day of the plugfest.
... Hopefully I have something by then.

Darko: any further point?

Danh: not from my side.

Kaz: TD web directory. Do we plan to publish this work on Thingweb Directory as part of the WoT IG/WG activity?
... e.g., as part of the WoT Architecture document or a separate group Note
... This is definitely related to WoT and how to handle TD.

Darko: We would like to publish a Note. I think we discussed this before.

Kaz: We can discuss that idea during the main call. Maybe you should talk with Matthias as well.

Danh: Note is a possible deliverable.

Koster: it is definitely worthwhile.

Koster showing API document...

Darko: tools, artifacts, guidance. Plugfest/practioners participants references them.

Koster: we need to describe them in one place.

Next call

Danh: will we have a call next week?

Darko: I can organize one next week.

Danh: I will be available.

Darko: Let's have a LD call next week.
... Let's make concrete progress.

Kaz: Due to Summer time change, it will be one hour earlier for European and Asian.


Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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