17 Mar 2017


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Dave, Darko, Aparna, Maria, Michaek, Uday, benfrancis, chrysn, hyojin, jet, Karen, KjetilK, mjkoster, peter_whale, tobie, zkis, wseltzer_off, ms7821


<scribe> scribe: Dave

<DarkoAnicic> Charter: https://github.com/w3c/wot/blob/master/TF-LD_charter.md

Darko runs through the agenda for today

Finalize the charter

Darko: I see two streams of work

He displays the github issues

<DarkoAnicic> Victor's comment: https://github.com/w3c/wot/issues/306



We discuss the issue that Victor raised around validation vs inference.

Dave: we need both, e.g. to validate thing descriptions involving semantic constraints involving inference down class - super class chains

Victor is away this week, but will be back next week.

Dave agrees to look at proposing some changes of wording for discussion with Victor

Darko: let’s now look at use cases, what do we need?

Dave: we need use cases to ground what we’re doing when talking to others

Michael: we can be informal, and simply explain the use case in regular text, bullet points etc. We don’t need to get formal

Dave: we may be able to leverage the use cases being worked on by the Joint White Paper activity by Paul Murdock\

Darko talks about his ideas for “recipes” for re-usable templates.

Dave: I think we need to clarify the terminology as it sounds very similar to what I’ve described in respect to syntactic and semantic modularity

Michael: RDF triples are like IETF link types, I am not totally clear about the differences between sub-classes and types

The edges of the graphs are important

The IETF work is looking at dynamic linking, e.g. how does the thing’s behavior vary over time

Recipes include dynamic processes

We need semantics for actions

Darko: we need to bring this back to the need to finalise the charter

<mariaPoveda> in RDF subclassOf is a predicate between two classes and rdf:type is stated between an individual an a Class to declare that the individual belongs to that class that is if of that type


Dave: we need to ground recipes and temporal constraints to use cases

Darko: this is relevant to the web

Dave: there are a variety of techniques, e.g. actors, conductors, preconditions and postconditions and so forth. Without use cases to ground the discussion, we risk being arbitrary in what we do and decide

Darko: I agree

Michael: interoperability depends on recipes and using the same terms for the same concepts

What guidance can we offer to iot.schema.org and community groups for particular vocabularies

Darko: we need to enable developers to express the context

Michael: how do thing descriptions link to semantics …

Dave: let’s pick a few use cases to build a shared understanding in this group

Darko: Michael do you want to write an issue in respect to the charter?

Michael volunteers to write a couple of sentences explaining his ideas

We need to make it easy to construct thing descriptions from components

Darko: we’re running out of time, so I propose we don’t resolve on the charter today
... shall we continue using the public IG list?

Dave: yes, this is an IG task force, so we should work in public as there are no patent policy issues

Darko: what about github ?

Dave: let’s follow the way the other task forces are organizing. Kaz should be able to help.

Michael gives a brief status report for iot.schema.org More details in the next call.

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<DarkoAnicic> Michael: recipe's ingredients should come from iot.schema.org

<DarkoAnicic> please add issues at: https://github.com/w3c/wot/issues

<DarkoAnicic> MariaPoveda: we should ask Fernando to talk about his demo, including TD, WoT ontology etc.

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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