02 Feb 2018


Darko_Anicic, Aparna_Thuluva, Kaz_Ashimura, Danh_Le_Phuoc, Maria_Poveda, Michael_Koster, Fano_Ramparany
kaz, mjkoster


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Semantic Interoperability for Prague

Darko's slides

Darko: we need to set a goal
... [Goal]
... what is the goal related to semantic interoperability that we want to demonstrate?
... [Guideline for semantic interoperability]

<scribe> scribenick: mjkoster

Darko: extend the plugfest templates to include guidance and get information
... need to define iotschema requirements
... we are also defining requirements for the Thing Directory
... also, we can start to engage external participants for example OCF

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darko: [Further proposals]
... Koster, maybe you can make some report on the plugfest?

Koster: several calls for preparation for plugfest
... next step soon for the questionnaire template
... the area working on semantic interoperability
... protocol binding automation
... continue to work on proxies
... improving semantic interoperability
... security
... accessibility
... everyone to get common understanding
... design pattern guidance for semantic interoperability
... in the questionnaire, question on discovery
... added another thing on thing directory
... next selection criteria for application
... how to choose action, events, etc.
... register information to thing directory
... how the clients use it
... how does the client get information they look for
... semantic annotation to be exposed to clients
... how does the proxies work with thing directory
... we're ready to get input from people
... for convergence
... how we develop scenarios

Darko: ok
... how to define scenarios?
... what are available?
... e.g., I have a switch
... and need a lamp
... to interact with
... query to the thing directory?
... to deal with multiple air conditioners?
... the question is who is posting the question
... we should generate that kind of scenarios

Welcome Fano

Fano: working on IoT
... interested in AI
... user application and semantic web technology
... participating in ETSI as well

PlugFest Preparation

Koster's slides

Koster: looking for workflow
... common background
... RESTful hyper state state machines
... multicast involved, other network configuration as well
... how to discover things
... how the network messages work
... how to build semantic annotation?
... how to structure the framework?
... register things and deploy them
... protocol to do that
... breaking things into workflow is needed

Darko: have you started concrete work on the workflow?

Koster: it's really part of the way what we're describing things
... the common thing with the scenario
... e.g., discovery
... some way for doing the data flow and logic for application
... maybe more of a framework

Darko: scenario with workflow
... participants will follow it
... e.g., discovery could be done by asking somebody like the directory
... how to generate TD and script?
... different parts within the workflow

Koster: the way we use the concept
... structure with guidance
... how we do discovery, e.g., by SPARQL query
... how the server builds Things
... without learning the detail of RDF
... would like to break down materials I'm working on
... it's sort of a model
... another model about how the annotation works as well
... let's figure out what the common pattern is like
... any questions? comments?

Kaz: please provide your slides for the minutes :)
... next
... we should create the template questionnaire to gather scenarios as we already discussed during the plugfest call on Wednesday

Koster: by the next web call, I'd like to create the template questionnaire
... including functionality
... might be more than one thing directory
... need to put this on the (github) wiki

Darko: is the goal include specifying use cases?

Koster: we should make some recommendations
... put together actual use cases
... we had cross-domain use cases but those were quite basic ones
... can go back and provide some
... seems like people tend to add some more
... item about application

Darko: we need template information
... we can prepare semantic artifacts
... we had a few scenarios
... for the previous plugfest
... we can pre-define some scenarios
... maybe same scenarios as the one for Burlingame

Danh: we should list scenarios and identify what's feasible
... it's right time to create a wiki or something to clarify actual scenarios

<DarkoAnicic> Plugfest preparation: https://github.com/w3c/wot/blob/master/plugfest/2018-prague/preparation.md

Danh: who implements which part
... e.g., semantic features to be solved

Darko: posted the link to the plugfest prep page
... above

Danh: rather than generic use cases, we need to clarify how to handle security, etc.

Darko: (adds several topics)
... create a separate scenario page including the workflow
... semantic integration section with hands-on guidance and examples

Danh: elaborate implementable level

Kaz: +1
... we should clarify the scenarios with concrete settings

Koster: possibly using a separate page
... that's good

Darko: there is another dedicated call for plugfest
... how to proceed?

Koster: can provide the overall questionnaire
... and maybe should get someone from this LD TF to submit some more stuff
... would like to harmonize with the basic template

Danh: can elaborate my expertise

Darko: need to start with the overall questionnaire

Danh: we can't go far from the general template
... can have some more dedicated calls for further discussion

Koster: ok
... and we should cooperate with McCool about security

Kaz: are you suggesting we have yet another slot?

Koster: we can use this LD slot for that purpose
... this slot is used bi-weekly and we can use another bi-weekly part for that additional discussion

Darko: ok

Koster: wanted to run through the slides some more (e.g., TD annotation capability, interaction, data item...) but we should do that next time
... people are encouraged to read the slides

Darko: so people are encouraged to join the main plugfest call on Wednesday
... and we can have further discussion next Friday

Kaz: that's good
... but possibly I can't make the call next Friday, on Feb. 9


Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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