09 Feb 2018


Darko, Koster, Kaz


Darko's slides

darko: next steps
... 1. define a set of scenarios
... [Scenarios that can be implemented with available things]
... [Semantic challenges]
... semantic integration
... 1. semantic discovery
... 2. dynamic binding to the Things
... 3. semantic validation
... check whether a TD implementers everything as specified by a capability it claims to support
... check whether an interaction at the data level is possible
... if writable is true, then the interaction property should have input data

koster: which annotation layer
... data shape capability
... interoperability of capability
... how to turn on.off
... interoperability at the interaction level
... we have a bunch of collection of interaction
... we're handling devices
... we're handling capability of devices
... we need to add description of device capability
... e.g., controlling temperature

darko: how to introduce this extension?
... should be one class for physical thing?

(more discussions on semantic challenges)

[Semantic challenges]
1. Semantic discovery
  - A client discovers things that implement, e.g. the air conditioner Capability
2. Dynamic binding to the things
  - Thing A interacts with thing B (as it supports Capability C). If B does not function, then A dynamically establishes an interaction with another thing, which implements C.
  - Interoperability at the interaction level, e.g., a replacement thing with Int. Property
3. Semantic validation
  - Check whether a TD implements everything as specified by a Capability it claims to support.
  - Check whether an interaction at the data level is possible: Integer, 0 <= value <= 255, or check the units
  - If writable is true, then the Interaction Property should have input data.
  - More examples?
4. Introduce the Feature of Interest (FoI) as a pattern in iot.schema.org
  - Replacement possible only for things with the same FoI

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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